Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Orange Bowl Thread

Iowa Vs Georgia Tech

No real time thoughts I have too many things going on tonight (I am sure ET will be happy) But i'll check in from time to time.

Ranger Bob has a new name on Newshounds. Oh well when he gets banned there then he bugs us all day.

Iowa is ahead 14-0. Georgia Tech can't fall behind anymore than this.

14-7 Iowa. Iowa's defense is killing Georgia Tech's triple option right now.

Oh man coming up at halftime... Kool And The Gang!

Ok here is my question. How many people have to turn you down before you book Kool And The Gang?

17-14 Iowa. Iowa just tried a fake field goal and it didn't work. Georgia Tech now has the ball and needs to score. Going down to the wire.

Iowa Scores a TD with 2 minutes left to go up 24-14. That should do it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Iowa first major bowl win in 50 years. Now that's tradition.

Jonathan said...

Great game by Iowa. Can't wait for #2 Texas v. #1 Alabama on Thurs.

et said...

At this stage, Kool & the Gang are practically a tribute band of themselves, aren't they?

Hope your day/evening weren't TOO busy, Count.

Anonymous said...

Thank you:)

No not real busy. Biggest problem right now is just a viscous weather pastern. Today was about 10 with a fairly calm wind so it was one of the better days. We are suppose to get another 6-7 Inches of snow tomorrow (we've already had two 10+ inch snow storms in the past month) and the winds are suppose to pick up. They are talking wind chills of close to -40 Thursday. Not good.

et said...

Yes, I've been reading about the bitter cold hitting the midwest. Hope you have a full pantry, noplace you absolutely have to get to, and the wherewithal to hunker down and stay cozy until the chill breaks!

Anonymous said...

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