Thursday, January 7, 2010

Second Half BCS National Championship Real Time Thoughts

Yes Colt McCoy got hurt early NO has it made this much of a difference. Alabama leads 24-6 at half and honestly I love it. You can cry all you want about McCoy's injury but honestly Texas shouldn't be here in the first place.

Anyway first half some freinds came over which shocked me because it is brutal outside. Tomorrow they are saying could break a record -24 that's actually temperature not wind chill.

Screen god play for Texas. And it ends in a punt

Expect to continue to see Alabama do just that. Run 3 times and punt. Texas' only hope is for Alabama to fuck up.

Will the ridiculous man love of Texas over at continue after tonight?

Yeah Alabama is going to run the clock out Texas couldn't score if this game were another 8 days long. If things change I'll be back.

Wow just took a shower and Texas actually scored. I'll be damned.

Texas is starting to stir. Did Alabama get too stagnate?

And now kids it's a game. Alabama quit. Now they are in a heap load of shit.

Kirk Herbsteit says credit Texas they haven't givin up a sack this whole game after giving up 9 to Suh and Nebraska...then Alabama blows in and drills Gilbert forces a fumble and now has the ball on the Texas 3.

Alabama scores on 3rd and 1 with 2 minutes left.

Interception Alabama game over.

Alabama 31 Texas 21.

Alabama scores a garbage touchdown they did not really need to call. 37-21.

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