Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jonathan Do You Think Ed Hochuli Is A Shit Poor Ref As Much As I Do?

The shirts that are too small to show off his arms, The 4 hour explanations on every call, the 657 flags in every game 3/4 of them wrong my God this guy is incompetent. And he's good for at least 2 amazingly bad calls per game that will just kill some poor team.


Jonathan said...

Still haven't gotten over how that a-hole screwed us in Denver two years ago, so yeah, I think he's a piss-poor ref.

Ardee said...

Count will we ever get back together after that last evening in Omaha?

I had a wonderful evening with you by the way. It was great to see you after all these years and spend some quality time together.

I know you are married but you still seem to be somewhat of a homosexual and that is why I believe you care for me.


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