Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Neither A Message Board Nor A Democracy

Maybe I should add this as a permanent message on this board and to the regulars who post here on occasion like Godzilla, MLP, Visitor ETC this does not mean you.

There are 3 people who have ultimate control over what gets written here and what does not however there seems to be a misunderstanding by some people who feel they have God given rights to have their posts stay here. In the case of Banned And Dangerous like it or not and with all do respect to our wonderful female Moderator Ralphy fan, we are the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.

We do not mind getting comments here even ones who disagree with us. Providing they can be made in manor that is neither insulting nor as an obvious attempt to troll. However there seems to be one misunderstanding from some of you that needs to be cleared up. None of us our your Mothers. it's not our job to constantly go around patting you on the head saying that's OK Son keep trying at it after we have gone around the place cleaning up all of the little shit droppings that are left by friendless sons of bitches who are only here because it's the only place that they will receive any kind of attention. If you want your own place to shit all over while your grinning ear to ear by all means start it. If you don't want to start your own place may I suggest...

Planet Bob or Coralville Currier

The shitheads who run these blogs will be glad to have you.

So to Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, UberNiperBillyJohn, Chris and any other waste of our precious time ESPECIALLY RALPH think about this when you decide to post here. If and when I see your posts they will be erased. This is not a violation of your rights this is my deceleration that your bullshit has no place here. If you think I care about your feelings or your right to be heard or dissenting opinions think again I honestly do not give a flying fuck.

Count Istvan

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