Thursday, January 7, 2010

Coach Rex Ryan thinks the Jets should be the favorites

Really, Rex? You think the New York Jets should be Super Bowl favorites?

During his daily news conference Wednesday, Ryan was asked what his reaction was to the team not being expected to win the championship.

"I wasn't aware of that," Ryan said, "but to me, we should be favorites, so that's fine."

Ryan then was asked to clarify if he meant the Jets should be favored to beat the Bengals in Saturday's AFC wild-card playoff game in Cincinnati.

"I mean in the whole tournament," he said. "You know the way that I feel."

Remember, this is the same Rex Ryan who, after Matt Ryan smoked the Jets in the final two minutes in week 15, said that there was no chance they could make the playoffs. Attention coach Ryan: beating two explosive teams (Colts and Bengals) when they shut it down after getting everything they wanted, then bragging about how you crashed the backdoor entrance to enter the dance, is nothing to brag about. The Jets got lucky. Beat a team like Cincy and Indy, then get back to me. Otherwise, you're just blowing smoke out of your fat ass.

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Anonymous said...

if he can get his team to believe it more power to him.

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