Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The View From My Ass

I know all too well that every toothless hillbilly who had spent the entirety of January 20th 2001 to January 20th 2009 with one hand clutched on their testicles and the other shoved up their ass while keeping a dopey fuck grin on their faces while they completely fucked the country over now get's his panties in a wad every time the new President takes a breath. By GAWD there is no country these pukefucks love more than the GOOD OLE USA unless they of course they lose the election. Then there is no country they hate more. They are so pissed they can't decide whether or not they want to start a revolution or secede. Now it's because of these stupid cockfuckers that I have been selective in saying much negative about the President. I see what he was handed and who he's working with. That being said, Barack, I like you dude. I think you can be a great one so you know I have your best interest at heart. Listen to me Barack... THE IDEA OF A SPENDING FREEZE IS THE DUMBEST FUCKING IDEA SHORT OF PLAYING THE PRO BOWL THIS WEEK. It's been tried dude and it has never worked. It won't work it can't work. John McCain suggested it and I said wow that's fucking stupid I can't vote for that. I don't know who has been giving you McCain's stupid pills but I hope you quit taking them soon before we inaugurate President Whore Of Wasilla.

I know this is Nebraska and any suggestion to make a change on anything is usually greeted by the entire 1.8 million person population simultaneously going poopy in their drawers but I say this is in all sincerity to Tom Osborne, If the Big Ten comes a calling please give them a listen. It's time to tell those fuckers in Texas to take their conference, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it straight up their candy ass. Nebraska wanted to move the football game next fall from Saturday to Thursday ESPN had already asked Nebraska if they would do so and Nebraska said yes but Texas being Texas and being in a position of being judge and jury of the Big XII said they would not play the game on Thursday. When they were asked for a reason why they wouldn't agree to play the game on Thursday originally said hey fuckers we're Texas we don't need no stinkin' reasons then they said well we don't want the kids to miss too much class time. One wonders if they said this with a straight face. Here's the thing that pisses me off more than Texas once again saying he we're Texas fuck you it's that let's pretend for one instance the roles were reversed. Texas has a home game they want to play on Thursday and Nebraska said no. I guaranfuckteeyou that either The Big XII or ESPN would step in and make Nebraska play on Thursday. Why becuase Texas wanted it and what Texas wants Texas gets and if they don't get it in regulation they'll keep putting time on the clock until they do. Or of course threaten secession. Well I say don't let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya.

God is he or she real? Fuck no I am not going there. She is.

So my copy of Strangers In The Night The Deluxe Edition is in St. Louis Missouri tonight and it will take Fed EX until February 1st to get it here (according to their estimate) Fuck I can walk the son of a bitch here faster that that. Of course of it were a CD I was really anxious to have I would just go out tonight and buy it. So i'll be patient.

I got the Bing Crosby CBS Radio Years Box Set 1956-1958 7 CD's. Man was it good stuff. I'll save you another what the fuck happen to music rant but What the fuck happen to music?

Sunday is The Pro Bowl and The Grammy's. Take a criminal, the most hardened criminal you can find, make him sit and watch the Pro Bowl and The Grammy's and if he doesn't turn around and kill you then he's fit to be returned to society because nothing could make him want to kill again more than that.

The Friday before last Friday, does that even make sense?, I decided that with Football season coming to an end and do the fact that I can be a true shit head these months I was going to treat the Contessa to a fairly nice night out. Made a reservation to a restaurant that while not being real "upscale" was a pretty nice place and came recommended. ( I won't mention the name in fairness to them) I've ate there before several times myself and never had bad food. I am telling you my food was so burnt you could hardly cut it. It was barely edible. I'm not one to cause a scene so I told the waitress, whom by the way did a great job, that everything was good. The next Friday we went to Summer Kitchen cafe which is mostly a Breakfast and Lunch place and may have 3 things on the menu that cost more than $10. The bill for the 2 of us was a little over $20. I am telling to you the food was so much better than the fancier place it's not even funny. I guess it goes to show you you can't judge restaurant or people by their wealth or perceived class. You'll be wrong most every time.

Bill O'Reilly made some really stupid comments about South Chicago being the same as Haiti. Which to Billo it is. Much like Haiti South Chicago is filled with darker skinned people who both have less money than he does and whom can't stand him. Now I've got to admit I am with Billo on this one down with South Chicago. Not because it has some poorer neighborhoods that are largely African American but because South Chicago gave us this guy...

For what it's worth I imagine Bill O'Reilly's entire knowledge of South Chicago is based on a 37 year old Jim Croce song and even then he's only familiar with the song because Sinatra covered it.

BTW before I go it used to be whenever Billo would say stupid shit like this his gal Friday Damail would show up like clockwork and defend him telling off anybody who dare question her man. What happened to her?




Jonathan said...

No intention of watching the Grammys. 2009 was a horrible year for music. And will someone please explain how Lady Gaga isn't a rehash of Madonna early on in her career?

Pro Bowl? Probably not going to watch (unless Philip Rivers is starting at QB). Few people give a rat's ass to begin with about the Pro Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan I am of the opinion that Football is such a violent game inherently that it can't be played half-assed and especially by men that big and that fast and still be a good product.

You can play Basketball and give a good show while clowning around a bit. You can't do that with Football. My solution for the Pro Bowl is just to scrap it. Just name a team.

Of course this year they took a bad idea and made it worse.

et said...

I had never seen Lady Gaga before she was the musical guest on SNL earlier this year. The moment I saw that ridiculous "human gyroscope" outfit she was wearing I muted the sound and just looked on in awed hilarity! She far and away out-gimmicks Madonna at any stage. On the bright side, Pink finally has competition for her flamingo dress.

I'm not watching either. Wouldn't have watched the game anyway...and, being at my sister's, I'm sure we'll find something more interesting to do with our time than the Grammys.

Anonymous said...

Wow I was so worried about screwing up the date and writing March 4th I wrote January 4th instead of 20th.

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