Friday, January 1, 2010

Real Time Thoughts For The SUGAR Bowl

I called it the Orange Bowl earlier my bad.

Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick. Are your announcers.

Oh God Cincinnati going with brand new all White uniforms. Did they not see the Holiday Bowl and how well the new all white look did for Arizona? It allows me to repeat I have never seen a Uniform change ever effect a game. Yeah Nebraska wore throwback uni's against Louisiana Lafayette but that had been planned for months and they won 55-0. Anybody who thinks uniforms had anything to do with the outcome of that game is nuts.

Hey it's the All State guy.

Here we go: This better be good or I may just listen to it and play PS 3

Yeah just eat Taco Bell and watch how much weight you lose.

These results aren't shit.

I may send the Contessa out for nachos and tacos so I can lose some weight.

Cincy clearky grabbed the face mask they threw the flag then said no foul. That was far more blatant then the one they called on Oregon.

Billick this is as simple as a screwdriver. Then he calls Florida the University of Minnesota.

Florida moved there was a whistle Cincy stopped and Florida got a long run. I can tell already this game is going to be well officiated.

Touchdown Florida.

Extra point is blocked it's 6-0 Florida

I would be lying to you if I said I was watching this game closely.

Tebow cam? Are they shitting me?

Field Goal for Florida 9-0

Yeah that's the end of the first quarter and quite frankly If I don't see something soon from the 'nnati I am out of here.

Yeah I am out of here. if this game gets better maybe I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Cinci sucks. This game is a joke.

My prediction 51-10 Florida.

Anonymous said...

Well we knew Cincy wouldn't be all there after Brian Kelly left that being said if he was still there this game would be um 30-10 at Halftime.

Anonymous said...

Good God don't pat yourself on the ass when you are down 44-10.

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