Sunday, November 2, 2008

Damail Is Feelin Mighty Low

Another derangement syndrome has surfaced. We now have Joe-the-plumber Derangement Syndrome. Check it out:
That's right, folks. Brian has captured on tape some left-wing nutburger on KGO screaming - in between obscenities - that he wants Joe the plumber DEAD. It went out over the air.

And it's not a second-hand rumor, either. It's the actual audio.

Yes, he is very much pro-Kenya and his muslim relatives there.
There's not a day that goes by that these liberal c'sers prove what total hypocritical jackasses they are. Not a single day. Sometimes several in less than a day. Another massive dose from the provel liar and hypocrite aka notverysmart.
More undiluted hate from the radical left. A lefty talker gets busted for saying he wants Joe the plumber dead and the response is "nobody gives a s###".

The radical left has no soul.
The dry, shriveled husk of Keith Olbermann's sense of shame was pretty stoked to learn that Saturday Night Live was planning, in Keith's words, "a tribute" to the Countdown host, and that the great Ben Affleck was "doing" him. (btw, Olbermann never caught on to why The Leg giggled every time Olbermann would boast to someone, "Ben Affleck is going to do me on SNL!")

You didn't actually think one of these olbyloons would take one of their own to task, did you? LOL!
However, after Affleck's dead-on, 8 minute, 42 second spittle-flecked, psychosis-fueled rendition, Olby's soul-void seemed genuinely perplexed: "What was so funny about that? And why was the audience laughing? They could have just run a clip of my show."

Lie. And go find the post, it's easy to spot.

The radical left is the Nazi equivalent. And you can't spell.

notverybright | 11.02.08 - 10:14 pm |

Shut your fucking pie hole!

The drug addict uses the "off topic" diversion! Didn't see that one coming! LOL!

Do you have to drug her? Make plans? Wait for to pass out?

Can't handle the truth? Rhetorical question.

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Anonymous said...

Damail is a guy BUT she get's super pissed when I refer to as a woman or as Billo's bitch so I keep it up.

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