Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Have Just Been Elected President

Using Only The Newshounds Family...put your cabinet together.


et said...

Hmm...this could be interesting.

Attorney General: Kim, Pb.D
Sec'y of the Interior: theroachman
Sec'y of Education: BIORsGhost

Have to put my thinking cap on before I can come up with some more...

et said...

OK...let's see about filling the rest of this out...

Sec'y Defense: Robrob
Sec'y Treasury: wuzupdawk
Sec'y State: Keg
Sec'y Agriculture: IB
Sec'y Commerce: Kid Hobo
Sec'y Labor: brothermark
Sec'y Health & Human Svcs: Dee Pb.D
Sec'y Housing/Urban Dev: Liz PbD
Sec'y Transportation: Yakki
Sec'y Energy: vermontdave
Sec'y Vet Affairs: Giz USN
Sec'y Homeland Security: MCMetal

VP: the Count (since you asked the question to start with!)
Chief of Staff: Scarlet PbD
Environmental Protection: Doo-Dah Man
Office Mgmt/Budget: Paul
Drug Control Policy: Aunty Em Ericann
US Trade Rep: UKLD
Chair, Federal Reserve: Herb Doctor
SocSec Commissioner: Sharon, PbD
Dir Nat'l Intelligence: Argos

Anyone I have not mentioned, apart from trolls, would be appointed to special Presidential advisory panels. Captain America, Boohicky and DrFreedom would be especially useful mixing it up as a National Security Advisory panel, for instance. Unless DrF would prefer the FCC? And then there are national endowments for the arts and humanities to think of...public broadcasting...oh, noooooo, I'm drunk with power!

I presumed we can reach across citizenship lines, because as a Unitary Executive I'd make that happen (!!), and I only wish that GGGI and Bronxboy were here to occupy their posts, because I miss them both very much.

Interesting exercise, Count. Your turn? Or someone else's?

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