Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dumbest right-wing comment of the day

I'm starting a new segment: dumbest right-wing comment, where me and the Count will bring the dumbest, most outrageous "did top five percent really just say that?!", jaw-dropping comment from the bowels of Right-wing world. To kick off this new segment, here's Mark Noonan on the gay marriage debate:

Thing is, there is no right to marry - if we had an inherent, human right to marry, then no law would be permissible prohibiting a person from marrying another, and anyone can immediately see that would be an asinine position to hold. A right, to be a human right, must accrue to an individual, not a group. Marriage requires at least two people, and thus cannot be a right - it is a privilege hedged about in law and custom with all sorts of restrictions as well as benefits and its purpose is the formation of families for the propagation of the species and the education of the young.

With all that, the advocates of gay marriage would have found the going rather easy had they just steadily worked on the public mind - but they turned to the courts to ram through what the people didn’t want, and now the backlash is growing stronger. You see, while marriage is not a right, to be consulted in matter of great public weight is the right of each citizen - in attempting to secure something bogus, the gay marriage advocates attempted to take away something precious - the right of free born people to govern themselves.


Anonymous said...

One of these days I will give my views on homosexuality because they are more complicated than just I am pro-gay rights or anti-gay rights but if you need a Black and White answer I am pro-gay rights. However what ever hang ups I might have about homosexuality I will never understand why anybody would be bothered about homosexuals marrying. It doesn't destroy marriage. Republicans marrying 6 or 7 times destroys the institute of marriage more than Gay marriage does.

et said...

Marriage requires at least two people, and thus cannot be a right

Holy mackerel - where did this gem come from? Rights occur only for the singular and not for the plural? Dizzying.

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