Thursday, November 6, 2008

The 2008 Electoral Map Should Cause Some Sleepless Nights For The GOP

The media will not mention this like they mention Democrats losing the south but it seems to me that the GOP is slowly starting to face a map that will make Presidential elections a tough chore for them to win.

They have all but lost the Northeast including now New Namphire and Maine where only the most Liberal of Republicans can get elected on a local level.

They are losing Pennsylvania and much of Big ten country. Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin. Ohio and Iowa can go either way but Indiana is there only reliable Big Ten state left. And concerning Indiana to paraphrase the old country song Old faithful ain't faithful anymore.

The Republicans have lost the Pacific Coast and are starting to lose much of the west Nevada, New Mexico Colorado because of the Hispanic vote. many people think had McCain Not been from Arizona he would have lost that.

If Virginia continues trending Blue to go along with Maryland that gives Republican's even more problems.

Montana North Dakota and South Dakota while still reliable Red votes nationally ( though McCain struggled to win all 3 this year) Have been voting Blue on a local level on a consistent basis for the past several elections.

The Republicans can only consistently count on some western mountain states, Utah Idaho, Wyoming. The Central plains which gives them their biggest prize Texas and the Southeast. I believe the Republican party is in danger of seeing several Presidential elections in the near future look suspiciously like 2008's.

There is one * to my theory. Blue states can and will go red easier than Red states will go blue. A Republican can't lose most of the states that are reliably red. But a Democrat can lose those are reliably blue if they take it for granted or are just substandard. Red states will elect a republican fool Blue state will not elect a democratic fool. And I don't think a Democrat could ever achieve a Reagan or Nixon style victory because as I said many red states just will never go blue.

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