Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve Trolling

How would you know? You don't even watch him.


Also, I'm not liberal nor am I biased.
Please stop deleting me. It's very hurtful to me. It's bad enough SNL vicerated me the other night. My doctor has me on double doses of prozac and vicoden. Plus I have that thing going on with my legs. I'm sure you've heard.
I have offered solutions in the past. FIRST, america must admit that both parties are guilty of treason. As I have pointed out on numerous occasions, americans are too busy bickering over the details of who is more evil, to see that both parties are corrupt.
Your agenda suggests that you are determined to brain wash people into playing the game, the way the government wants them to. Your agenda is not that of a person with America's best interest in mind.
Why the blood lust, jt ??
bugler, You are quite naive, or have an agenda as well.. The playful name calling of o'really a nice distraction, from his truly evil ways. o'Really has an agenda, and his agenda includes the destruction of america as we once knew it. Treasonous in my book.

He's on a 3 day runner. Go easy.
Count, this country is going down together. I certainly have suffered from the actions of the politicians in power.
Fortunately I have done some preparation for what is about to go down. How about you ?? Stay on your knees, the politicians need you there.
Google NIN Hand that Feeds,
or Ministry Ass clowns
or Eagles Frail Grasp or Business as Usual.
OR NIN Ground Zero,
Our artists are warning us.
The loon requested an obama campaign sign. He wasn't "anti-obama."
Think, read between the lines, or slither back to the night shift. Thanks for dragging me off of the topic that bill o'Really is a government tool, that is guilty of treasonous behavior.
It's only a one night poll, but John Zogby reports that his Friday night survey shows McCain leading Obama by 48 to 47. It's only a one night poll (as opposed to the usual three day moving average) but it is 1,000 interviews. It is also over Halloween night! But it is the first poll in three weeks that shows McCain leading. What's up? We think that the advertisement being run by is having an effect. It is an ad featuring Rev. Jeremiah Wright decrying America and calling it "the USA of KKK" while Obama sat, deaf-mute in the congregation. By bringing the shocking reality of Rev. Wright back to America's TV screens; is performing an important public service. It is just not credible that Obama sat in the congregation for twenty years, asked the Reverend to officiate at his wedding and to baptize his children, titled his book after one of his sermons, and did not know the kind of vile, anti-American hatred he was spewing.
We'll see. Don't forget. The druggies and alkies who claim they will vote for obama will probbly sleep right through the election. LOL!

Thanks for proving my point. Polls don't mean jack shit.

Your comply or be silenced MO is quite humerous. Add some name calling, and your mo is complete. Nearly forgot the vulgarity that you like to throw around.
Bill o'Really and the station that he rants for is guilty of treason, in a Founding Fathers kinda way. Most msm media, and most politicians are guilty as well.
Divisive politics in the hands of o'really and ilk like you, are destroyibng our country. Blood is on your hands. Deal with it, EtJ

v55, site nun wanna-be is waving her ruler around. Come on v55, discuss the bigger problems of what is happening to our country. O'Really is a good place to start. You must have something to contribute to the discussion... Anything, THINK, lay off the attacks, and the comply or be silenced MO..

I see johnt has been caught in another lie. He uses the same diversion every time. TFF! (*)[-]--

"Where did I call you a name? Where did I tell you to comply or be silent?"
john t
Have no time for this, check with count, he seems to have time on his hand to keep posts from monthes ago...
Regardless if one scrolled up, quite sure that both of your mannerism, would be witnessed today. CHEERS !!

Dick, oh Dick, are you still around? You pulled out faster here than you did last week!

Are you saying I'm Visitor55?
john t | Homepage | 11.03.08 - 4:31 pm | #

No, you're twice as stupid.

v55, You and the count should communicate, seems he has a file on me. His file, seems to make a number of his, jt's, and your's comments invalid. Get back on the attack, or at least try to discuss that o'really and his ilk are destroying the country from within. Aided and abetted by both parties.

"Plus it will tell you it gave a solution a long time ago."
john t
See count's file for proof that you are WRONG; as often is the case. Meanwhile; o'really and your ilk should be held accountable for your divisive manners.


theroachman said...

Ive had to set EtJ straight a couple of times by PM. He is on the Newshounds forum. I know many people who are very simmilar and thus an self proclaimed better then average person when dealing with anti government deep enders of the likes of Etj.

He will scatter if I say hello to him. Sad and funny

did you know when he first started posting there he was much less crazy.

et said...

"New Observer" has reappeared on the OT to trumpet Palin's "vindication" by her self-appointed personnel board in Troopergate. And "Reformed Liberal" (the famous black Canadian who saw the Neocon light!) has been back to express his ire at a Down's Syndrome child resulting in the denial of his family's Australian citizenship bid. (I guess he has not had to endure scrutiny of pre-existing conditions in any of his employment or residence issues, lately, because you know the U.S. is SOOO welcoming and open-minded about those things...)

They really are grasping at the proverbial straws. I think it augurs well for tomorrow' outcome.

et said...

Duh - "tomorrow's" is what I meant.

Damn you, election eve blogging!!!


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