Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Thread #2

First of all congratulations to all of my on line Brothers and Sisters tonight.

Ok 100% of The North Carolina vote is in and Obama is ahead. Why are they not calling it?

Also Indiana is looking good.

I think Obama will lose Missouri and Montana. Thus causing Missouri to lose yet one more thing it likes to brag about. And let's face it it has so little.

Michelle Bachmann won again tonight.

Al Frankin is in a Razor tight race.

Yakki and I are truly brothers. Kentucky went for McCain 57-41. He is winning Nebraska 57-41.

However McCain lost Omaha and Lincoln. The Omaha World Herald is showing McCain with 4 elctoral votes. Not sure If Obama will win the 5th.

IF somehow McCain wins the remaining 4 states Karl Rove will be 100% correct.

I believe Obama has won district 2. Under state rules our electoral vote should go to Obama. Is it a big deal? No. but it would be nice.

Franken has just gone narrowly ahead. of Coleman. Coleman sues people who look at him wrong so assuming that Franken holds on, and that would be a huge assumption...look for Coleman to protest and keep this thing dragging.

I think Obama will end up with 364-365 electoral votes. That's a healthy victory.

The Franken-Coleman race is crazy and Me thinks it will go on for awhile.

Ted Stevens is winning...go figure.

I will give my opinion of the night and the people I watched who covered it. There are 2 people on MSNBC tonight who really pissed me off and neither was a Florida congressman who killed his intern or a crazy old racist coot whose sister wishes she was Sarah Palin.

I will give two clues as to who they were.

One was an "expert" at breaking down the results of the map and got everything wrong all night long the other is a lesbian who searches for reasons to shit her panties.


Anonymous said...

are you jerking Yakki off right now as you type on your piece of shit thread?

Anonymous said...

Wow. The anger. Put the bottle of Jack down and go to bed. I promise tomorrow it will be better. It will be one day closer to Barack Obama.

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