Friday, November 14, 2008

One Last Q of S Thread

Ok it probably won't be the last but...Now having a day to digest I still feel the movie was on the whole a triumph. I temper my initial enthusiasm by remembering I originally thought Die Another Day was one of the best Bond films when I first saw it and now it's not even close. Will the film achieve cult status like OHMSS or will it's popularity drop over time? I can't really say. Reading Commander Bond it seems *MOST*( I'd say 80 t0 85%) of Bond fans liked the film though those that didn't are more vocal about it. Sadly several have said that their opinions were based off of what the critics have written. Or in most cases what they think the critics have written. I am the first to admit my word on this is not trust worthy. The odds of me disliking this film were long. So the fact that I enthusiastically give it a high mark really shouldn't mean much to you.

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Anonymous said...

You have to love Movie critics. before most of them bitched the formula had gotten stale. Now hey are bitching that the films don't follow the formula close enough.

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