Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Great Article On Media Matters Calling Out Matt Drudge

Summary: Media critics have recently postulated that while Matt Drudge may have once set the media's agenda, his influence has waned and his efforts to inject himself in the media's coverage of the presidential election have largely fallen flat. This election season, Drudge has posted a long series of items that were false on their face or turned out to be false, making the strong case that, if his influence is not in fact waning, it should be.

In the past few weeks, media critics have postulated that Matt Drudge's influence in setting the media's agenda -- which the Politico's John F. Harris and Time's Mark Halperin argue in The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008 has been great -- has waned this election cycle. In his continuing efforts to drive media coverage, this election season, Drudge has posted a long series of items that were false on their face, misrepresented reports he linked to, or were subsequently exposed as false. As reporter and blogger Greg Sargent wrote in an October 31 post at Talking Points Memo, "Multiple times this cycle, Drudge has pushed stories that have gone belly-up." Whether or not Drudge's influence is in fact waning, these items, examples of which Media Matters for America has compiled below, make a strong case that it should be.


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I have actually come to love Drudge this election cycle. not only do his "scoops" provide high comedy but some does the reaction from the dipshits and douche-bags who believe the bullshit he types. Now when he cherry picked polls anybody with an IQ of more than 10 knew it. This of course leaves out idiots like Dogfucker and 08. So every time Drudge had a big screaming headline...


I could count on the morons who take his bullshit as gospel to blow their wads right there on their computer screens. You just know that last night came as a total shock to these clowns. Drudge told them they were winning and Drudge wouldn't lie right?

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