Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

What's Not To Love About Thanksgiving? A bad meal...and the Detroit Lions! Anyway Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Anonymous said...

08 and his merry band of ass goblins aren't taking the weekend off. If I see them I will save them and post them later. funny how I love my country and it's traditions more than these "patriots"

et said...

All the best to you and the Contessa for the holiday weekend, Count. It may be business as usual up here in BC, but my internal clock is hard-wired for pumpkin pie at least at this time of year, so I'll be celebrating with you in spirit.

Peace, safety and lots of leftovers to you and yours!

et said...

By the way, don't you love the contrast drawn today between the Obamas volunteering at a South Side Chicago food bank and Dubya pardoning a turkey?

It kind of says it all.

Anonymous said...

Yep. me thinks it won't be the only Turkey George will pardon.

Happy Thanksgiving! As for the left overs it takes a ton of gravy to get me through Turkey one time through. thankfully we are going to my Brothers and he is doing the cooking. We're it just up to me I would have The Contessa serve our traditional Christmas eve feast of cold cuts, cheese, bread and crackers. it's a shame a holiday with a huge feast and the only thing I really like are the rolls.

Why couldn't the Pilgrims have dined on Shrimp? :)

et said...

Go for the shrimp, by all means, Count! Sounds delicious to me. (And I hear you about the rolls. Fresh bread - mmmm!)

We always have shellfish for Yule eve. This year, because my sister is coming up (yay!), we are upgrading from crab to lobster. 8-D

Have a great day.

theroachman said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Ait too much turkey and now feel bloated

Oh Boy!

Time for desert!!!

et said...

Hope you both had a great day, Count and roachman. I roasted a chicken in cross-border poultry solidarity.

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