Monday, November 17, 2008

Joe Lieberman Discussion

I have come to the conclusion that thing to do with Loserman Is let him retain his posts and then work to get him defeated. This is not an endorsement of Joe Loser in the least but I believe it's the prudent thing to do. Go ahead and disagree with me.


et said...

Anything else would give him too much license to make grand, dramatic hay of himself, I fear. Either way I suspect this is his last term - he's doomed his own odds for reelection.

theroachman said...

It appears you have the ear of the Democrats :D

Senator Leiberman is to stay put for now.

As I said somewhere else. He was left there for one reason. The Jewish vote.


With Kim in charge he is done.

et said...

True, roach. Any politician crosses the Kimmunists at his or her peril!

MLP said...

If I have learned anything from this past election, it is that Barack Obama is much smarter than I, and many others.
I'm going to sit back and let him make the decisions for awhile, and then see where he takes us. I've got a feeling that he may know something that we don't.

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