Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The View From My Ass

Kudos To DU

I admit it I was wrong. Oh I knew DU would turn against Obama and eventually show him the same kind of pure hatred they show every other Democratic politician. But I honestly thought it would happen you know...after he actually served for a week or two. How stupid can I be? Congrats DU. It's been an whole two weeks since you helped get Barack Obama elected and already you've decided you bought a bill of goods. This has got to be a record even for you kids.

The Terrorist That Scare Me Come From The Southeast Not The Mideast

Let's face it Conservatives are damn good at paying lip service to the so called war on terror. And up until 2006 the brain dead American electorate was buying the bullshit Conservatives had to sell. Nevermind that the worst terrorist attack on American soil happened on their watch they were to were the folks who kept us safe and free from terrorist. They had the songs, ribbons, gasbags and news networks to tell us so. Now to be fair when it comes to conservatives and service lip service is about the only kind most of them have any time or use for. So it's no big surprise they talk a mean game but in actually don't do jack shit. But the problem is not only are the most fervent of conservatives not keeping us from terrorism but they are posed to become the nations most serious terrorist threat.

Since Conservatives lost the election, to a Black man no less, the news agencies have been filled with stories of people in all parts of America buying weapons, committing hate crimes,engaging in racist acts. meanwhile the same people who were crying about their second amendment rights our the same people building up personal arsenals that would put any third world armies to shame. The churches are ex-communicating or denying Communion to their parishioner's on the basis of their personal politics. The terrorist who threaten America and are poised to bring it down are not Muslim extremist in Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran but Christian extremist in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, California, Maine and all places in between. Unfortunately for the President elect this is a much tougher foe to fight. To get tough on a foreign enemy is seen as defending America, to get tough on a domestic enemy will be seen as taking away their freedoms. Mr. Obama is a smart man and I am sure he knows what he has gotten into but he will face problems that no other President has had to face. I believe there will be a terrorist attack against America in the name of the Lord by somebody who is as White and American as I am in the next 4 to 8 years. The bogey-men from the Mideast I don't sweat. They can and will be defeated. The ultra right-wing "ditto-heads" here in America scare me to death.

My Weekend

Now that i have written that totally downer of an opinion...Some happy talk. Faced with a football team going nowhere fast and a Football coach that had already been fired just running out the clock I figured the good folks at Kansas State would be having trouble selling their tickets and I was more than Happy to snatch a couple of them up even at $80 a piece. Hey that was cheaper than the $100 I paid for Colorado tickets last year. And just like The Colorado game last year it was freaking cold. Now the biggest myth in the world I have found is that Colorado has cold winters. I lived in Colorado 4 years and can remember maybe 5 genuinely days. The thing is when it's 15 in Colorado it feels like 45 in The Midwest. And most days in the winter in Colorado it's in the 50's and 60's. So natch I thought last year when I bought the tickets to the CU game I thought it would be about 45 which would feel like 60. It was 18 degrees.

Now the game started at 2:30 but I am one of those people that likes to be at places early so we left at 9 in the morning. It's a little over 3 hours down to Manhattan and i figured by the time we parked and got to the stadium with Traffic it would be about 1:30 which would be perfect. We got to the stadium at 12:30. Now the forecast leading up to the Kansas State game in "The Little Apple" Manhattan Kansas called for sunny and 50 degrees. Good enough! so of course It was overcast and windy with the temperature at Kickoff at 38 degrees. It felt about the same as the year before in Boulder. Now let me say that I have been to colder games and I have damn sure been in colder elements than this. But I don't know If My Body hasn't acclimated or what but leading up to kick off I was Froze. So I knew the Contessa had to be frozen. But she hung in their like a trouper. The whole time I kept thinking I wonder what God Awful shit will I be dragged to as a punishment for the crime that I am sure I am committing in that woman's mind?

Before the game started The PA announcer lead the crowd in what apparently is the pre-game tradition at Kansas State. Humping the person in front of you to the bands rendition of the Wabash Cannonball after saying the pledge of Allegiance. This is the first game I have ever been to where I had to stand up and mouth the pledge like I was in third grade again. After this they played the little psych up video that all schools have now to pump up the crowds. Except most schools little video...makes sense. This one had Willie The Wildcat chasing a "stereotypical" hick farmer through a corn field on to the stadium where he then makes a tackle. The Kansas State fans in the crowd loved it. All I kept thinking was Let me get this straight This is Kansas State, a farm school in the middle of North Central Kansas and they are making fun of Nebraskans for being hick farmers? Whatever! Then Kansas State had one last surprise. After warm ups they took off their normal Grey pants and in a move to either fire them up or show support against prop 8 put on Purple pants giving them the all purple look. Now I have never known a color scheme to effect the outcome of a game so why teams continue to change their uniforms to fire themselves up for a game I'll never know. The only time I like it is when Notre Dame does it and that's only because those Green Jerseys are cool. And Notre Dame always loses in those jerseys.

Anyway Opening series Kansas State gets the ball does nothing everything is kosher life is grand and then on Nebraska's third play or so Joe Ganz throws a pick that gets returned for a touchdown. Now my imitate thought is this just fucking great it's freezing I am in the middle of Fucking Kansas and we are going to play like shit. Well Me of little faith. In one more proof positive statement that the Bill Callahan days were over Nebraska took the ball rammed it down Kansas State's throat twice and went up 14-7 with ease. Time to relax? Nope. Now the defense had to have it's weekly breakdown. on third and 13 Josh Freeman through his one and only good pass of the game. Anthony West had coverage but didn't make a play and it was 14-14. Shit! Fuck! Shit! all over again.

I really felt queasy after NU had to punt on it's next possession. But Kansas State fumbled the punt and Nebraska recovered. Actually the play was close and the referees being Big XII Referees didn't make a call until they discussed it for ten minutes then made the call. Having watched the game over ( I recorded it on DVD) it appeared to be the correct call though it was so close that If they had called him down that probably would have stuck as well. Anyway that seemed to take the fight out of Kansas State and Nebraska scored then scored again and it was 28-14 in the second quarter and the Kansas State fans, who up to that point had been calling their team every name in the book, got up and left. The people in front of us got up and left and offered us their seats and since they had cushions we took them. It was at this point the sun came out the wind died down and the day, IMHO, became actually decent. The Contessa was still freezing. Nebraska scored again before halftime and that really set the 15 remaining KSU fans off especially when Ron Prince (God I'll miss him) passed up the field goal at the end of the half to throw one in the end-zone to try and get another score. It was incomplete. Nebraska was up 35-14 at half. The Contessa looked at me like can we go and I said no fucking way. I was going to enjoy this. Besides stay until the end of the game there will be no traffic to beat.

Now Bill Snyder Family stadium seats 52,000 and change the attendance was 48,000 and Change to start. At this point the crowd was about 20,000. The 20,000 who were cheering on Nebraska. Tom Osborne once said it was a bad thing that many Nebraskans got some of their self worth from the football team. bad or not I have to tell you Kicking Kansas State's ass like it was 1988 and watching their fans leave in mass to what I am sure in their minds was the tune to Welcome Back, Kotter made me feel pretty damn good.

Now if this week like last week proved we are coming back, it was this part of the game that proved we aren't quite there yet. In the third Quarter Nebraska had a nice drive but stopped it themselves with penalties. When Kansas State put in their back up Quarterback ( super-star Josh was stinking the joint up) they finally moved the ball and were rewarded a touchdown on fourth down after the refs originally said Nebraska had held them out of the end zone. after Nebraska's offense had woke up an answered and Kansas State returned the following kickoff back for a Touchdown that was the only time I got really pissed. Here was a game that we were completely dominating and the defense was shutting KSU down and the score was only 42-28 early in the fourth quarter. But Nebraska closed the show by scoring twice more and they probably would have scored again if they had more time. With 20 seconds left and Nebraska running one more play I The Contessa and I started to make are way up the stairs out of the stadium as I was leaving I actually over heard a Kansas State fan crying about Nebraska running up the score.

"this is ridiculous who do you think you are Bill Callahan? just kneel down whah whah whah!" I guess having our third string in and running the same two running plays over and over wasn't enough for this loser. Then I thought about Tom Osborne's self worth observation. If the game didn't make me feel a whole lot better...that did.

After the game even though the drive back is fairly short we stayed in Manhattan for the night. It's a nice town actually except there are too many churches and they are all of the super colossal tax scam variety. All and All it was a great day.

So anyway The only real complaint about the game was Nebraska won 56-28 but should have won 56-14 with out the two TD's they gave KSU. After last year that is a very mild complaint. Now Nebraska is 7-4 and has Colorado coming to down the day after Thanksgiving. That should be a win. If they do win hat puts Nebraska at 8-4 and gives them 3 Bowl possibilities.

The Gator Bowl: This is the best of the three choices but it doesn't look good with Notre Dame beating Navy. Odds are the Gator Bowl folks will take Notre Dame if they get 7 wins which they should this week against Syracuse who is barely division 1 at this point. BUT if USC beats Notre Dame badly ( a distinct possibility) like 52-10 badly the Gator Bowl might have something to think about.

The Alamo Bowl: This bowl has been good to us but I think they are holding out for hope for Oklahoma State at this point. Plus Nebraska has been there 3 times this decade.

The Sun Bowl: This is the bowl my money is on. The El Paso folks have made lots of noise about wanting Nebraska and it appears that they are going to get their wish. Should Nebraska get upset next Friday the Sun Bowl is a lock. But even with the expected victory Friday El-Paso is the odds on favorite. Nebraska would be playing a team from the Pac-10. Probably California or Arizona but Maybe Oregon.

There are a lot of Nebraska fans grumbling about the possibility of heading toward El-Paso. I would suggest to them to think back to the bowl we went to last year and when they remember we didn't go to any think about how great that was.

Anyway I want to close with this. This was written last year by a Kansas state fan on their message board after Nebraska beat KSU 73-31in Lincoln. A win that surprised everybody because at that point it appeared Nebraska had cashed it in...

You know something, who cares? They hate us because we know what a huge fraud their fanbase is (I think they are the second best fans in America, everyone else is tied for first)... this was the last gasp of a lame duck coaching staff to keep their jobs with a big, emotional win on senior day over a hated rival... what goes around will not come around as we will never play slashahan again, unless KSU joins the AFL2... enjoy this win, fuskers, I hope it gave you a blast from the past, because whatever "good ol days" coach you hire will end up being destroyed next year in the Little Apple... or you could jsut keep douchbagahan so we can exact revenge... I hope you lose out, you suck, I wish that I could bomb two citites in the US, so there would be no more Lowrents or Lincoln... and if you want to somehow start claiming that you are taking the high road, well, then, go f'*** a goat, I am a KSU fan and could care less about your feelings or self-ritousesness of being a good fan on an internet message board, I have nothing but contempt for you and really, really hope you don't go to a bowl game and have to wallow on the same sewage of watching GayU win the MNC... I'm gonna be sick


Count Istvan


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