Monday, November 3, 2008

Plans For Tomorrow Night On The Blog

There will be 2 subjects discussed here tomorrow night. One the election the other RIP Threads where we can post pictures and mock the dearly departed that have lost their elections.

Jonathan and ET. I am instituting a no Conservative rule tomorrow night. Tomorrow night is our night. After the election I will go back to posting troll quotes. So if there is anything from Blogs for Victory or Ralph that you want to post please wait until after the election has been called.


et said...

Sounds good to me, Count. Ol' Ralphie hasn't had anything new to say for a week, anyway - I doubt that's likely to change during his personal Dark Night Of The Soul coming up.

Anonymous said...

Why? Why must I lose everything? why does my country hate me? I buy my Gretchen Wilson CD'S. I jerk off to ole' Bociphus. Why? Why? Why is America failing me? I just want to die!

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