Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trolls Have Stopped Crying Long Enough To Get Their Asses Kicked.

Today's near-500-point drop is probably the bottom of the market. The 3000 points it lost in recent months was the market pricing in the damage Hussein Obsama will do to the economy. This last little drop was simply the result of removing any uncertainty that McCain could come back.

Only one way to go now! Hussein Obsama will take full credit, of course. He might as well take credit for gravity, too.

Yea, Old John T. misses me coming on here and kicking some ass. See on other threads that they have been complaining about Mama Obama's dress last night at Grant Park. Don't you speech police know that you CANNOT make fun of what color a BLACK WOMAN wears. You will be accused of HATE SPEECH by the Rev. Jesseeeeeee JACK son, oh and by the way see that Jesse Junior is in line for Barak HUSSEIN Obama's senate seat. What will Maxine(Motel Maid) Waters do without someone to write her speeches and teach her how to read though she does not know the meaning of the words she uses like PARADIGM.

Hey, Bitch!!!!!!! The stock market went down and price of chitlins rose while a new Premium Ripple and super size of Red Bull Malt Liquour just hit da market, SHONUFF.

Hey, we'z done shonuffs dealing wit it and wez knows dat you turd heads will drag your dick and Barak HUSSEIN Obama's big long one thru the mud too.

Believe it or not, many people (let's call them "the productive") don't organize their lives around what the government does for them, or what scraps dear leader sends their way.

The productive run the part of the country that matters most in people's lives.

Hope you enjoyed the day, because now it's back to the bottom quintile for you.


These socialist want Rush and Hannity and Neil Bortz off the air. Lets see what BHO gives them first, the Big Union Checkoff or trying to remove any opposition. Remember, if Rush or Hannity goes then, Keith Olbermann, who was openly saying that his man won tonight, goes along with Big Butch Maddow and Chris Matthews who went in the tank for BHO.

No, my ASShole is fine, want to check it out or suck on it for awhile, YO? I just want to see how bad BHO and Joe fuck up things and have you left wing nuts throwing rocks at them when they do not pull out of Iraq fast enough and allow the ragheads to hit us real good and maybe stick something else up your asses.

I do not get welfare, you have to save it for all the minorities and illegals that voted for Barak HUSSEIN Obama. That is the only reason they sobered up long enough to vote. You can be sure that BHO will tax anything that he can and then give it to those who deserve it the least. That is why we are headed for the shit hole. Suck it up, you left wing HATE AMERICA FIRST traitors.

You ought to know how a pole feels in a hole, SHONUFFS, Glory HOle Abby.

You talk about Hate and vile attacks, what have you done to President Bush over the Past 5 years, you HATE AMERICA FIRST socialist nuts. America cannot move forward with a far left agenda and BHO will not be able to do what you butt fuckers want so, get over it yourself. You have got about 60 days to celebrate and then something will grab you by the nuts and will not let go, OK, see how it feels, doesn't it just make your great sphincter tighten up real tight/?

Some Socialist Goon, I am retired and do not have to be employed so just keep on spewing your seed all over the keyboard. Maybe Maxine (Motel Maid) Waters will cum in and clean it for you.

MLP, I think you know, don't you? Can you come a little closer? Now, piss in your pants.

So, Abby has a cock? Watch that cock, BHO will surely tax cocks and cunts, too.

I'm happy, I'll suck your cock if you will suck mine.

Nah, you sorry bastards were so lonesome and about spent on drolling over BHO's golden wrapped turds and, well, I will not go any further and I thought I would liven it up since all the BITCHES were having all sorts of medical problems since they have ranted and gotten so frustrated over the past 5-6 six years that now they are suffering from all their lie and distortions. So...........Selah!!!

I think living in a mens' prison would be his fantasy.

How many millions voted against that young negro boy?
Hank W. | 11.06.08 - 12:02 am | #

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