Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A hypocrite preaching against hypocrisy

It is the left which hates and which lives on lies - we must not be like them. We must become the best of the best. Plenty of room here for repentant sinners, but no room at all for the coarse, the hypocrite, the greedy.

1.) Uh, Noonan, you are the biggest liar; a good 80%-85% of what you write is some form of a hate fest against the left.

2.) Mark, you’re too smart to buy into this partisan BS.
Both sides - Democrats and Republicans have fringe supporters that are filled with seething hate for the other side.

If Daily Kos represents the far-left, then Blogs for Victory is the other side of a two-faced coin. Thought the election season, you and Matt have been flinging dog feces at Barack Obama, and, like clockwork, you always accused the other side to let go of the hate we have for whoever or whatever, has you all hot and bothered.

Do yourself a favor Mark, and come down from your holier-than-thou high horse you’ve been riding on thought the election season, you hypocrite, becasue when it comes right down to it, you have proven time after time that you’re no different than some blogger from the far-left.

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