Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Did Sarah Palin Get Elected President And The Count Missed It?

Why since this Woman couldn't do interviews during the election why has she given an interview every fucking day since? And why are all of the interviews in the fucking kitchen? just fucking go away already Christ almighty.


et said...

She's like one of those runners-up from a reality show that just can't say a graceful goodbye to the limelight.

I keep hoping that without seasoned handlers to keep her briefed and/or away from the camera, her endless strings of illiterate buzzword nonsense will finally lead everyone who interviews her to conclude what we did all along - that she's just the latest dimwitted ideologue with an up-do.

Am I hoping in vain, Count? Say it ain't so, Joe...

Anonymous said...

If she wants to be taken seriously in 2012 she has to go away until at least 2010.

I keep hearing about this Bobby Jindal how he's a "new" kind of Republican. Funny after reading this

He sounds like the same old Republican bullshit to me.

theroachman said...

She did another one on CNN this morning

et said...

"did another one"

Sounds a bit like what you'd say about a puppy being paper-trained. Rather apt!

Anonymous said...

If you are going to say Sarah Palin is dumb becuase of her interviews then you will agree that the persons who made the following comments are just as stupid.
1. My Grandfather told me stories about how he liberated Auschwitz.

2. In 1929 FDR went on television to discuss the depression....

3. You can't go into a Dairy Queen these days unless you have an accent.

1- Barrack Obama- He has no understanding of history since the Soviets liberated Auschwitz, the US army never went very far past the Rhine. Auschwitz is in Poland. If you do not understand WWII you do not understand what is happenning in the Middle East today or why because most of the problems there were given birth at the end of WWII

2.Joe Biden- Herbert Hoover was president in 1929 and while TV was invented by then only GE was brodcasting two times a day from their offices as an experiment. FDR did all his talknig on the Radio to the American public all the way into 1945.

3 Joe Biden obvioulsy he does not like people from India

Now there really is nothing existing on film or video of Sarah Palin saying anything as stupid as those comments. All I have heard is the allegations about Africa being a country but the above items can be heard straight from their mouths. Of course the Liberal Media never expounded on their comments like they have on Sarah Palin's alleged commnets.

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