Sunday, November 9, 2008

And I Thought I Had Problems

Funny how after the Republicans get their asses kicked out of power, they become concerned about the imperial-like powers the executive branch now holds, thanks to President Bush....

Yeah because the course the Democrats have taken us on is so wonderful… before they took control of congress we had growing economy… they really screwed that one up… I am tired of President Bush being the scapegoat for the mess the Democrats got us into. Barack Obama can only dream of being 1/12th the president George W. Bush has been… and Obama knows it, so he has to act like a dictator in order to prove himself.

You know Matty, if President Bush actually governed with at least 1/4th of genuine competence, maybe the GOP wouldn't be in the predicament they're looking at. But then again, we really should be sending you guys 'thank you' cards from the Hallmark Store. If Bush Jr. hadn't fucked up at his job, dragging America lower and lower under the mud with him, Obama's rise to power wouldn't have been possible. But allow me to fix this statement:

Yeah because the course the GOP have taken us on is so wonderful… when you geniuses took control you started an illegal war, took a trillion-dollar surplus and managed to turn it into a trillion-dollar deficit, and turned the Justice Dept. into your personal crony base… way to go make the United States into a sad, pathetic joke over the last eight years… I am tired of Matt Margolis and the right wingers blaming the Democrats and Obama for the mess you guys and Bush got us into. George Bush can only dream of being 1/12th the president Barack Obama I believe he will be(govering with competence, listening to other he may disagree with before making a final verdict)… and you damn well know it, so you place blame one someone else to run away from your mess.

There, fixed.

Late Edit From The Count: Noonan has completely flipped out.


Depends on what you mean - if you mean powerless to effect the course of events, you’re talking nonsense. If you mean powerless without the grace of God, then that is not a bad thing. If you mean the only power which matters is political power, you’re insane.

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Denile isn't just a river in South Jersey.

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