Monday, November 3, 2008

The View From My Ass

I Feel Good! I Knew That I Would Now!

It's safe to say that I am just not really a DU Democrat. For one thing there's the fact that any and all comments offend half the board. I mean as somebody with Cerebral Palsy who often jokes about "slow kids" I guess you can say I have built up a pretty good skin to such things and I give as good as I take. And in the end there hasn't ever been a word that's killed me yet. Or maybe it's the fact that not only do I know a little bit about those kids having gone through my life experiences and having worked to find those far worse off than I have ever have been employment, that guess what? We laugh at those jokes too. Most of the time we figure the people telling them are far more ignorant and slow than we will ever be. But the fake outrage over PC bullshit isn't really what makes the place a drag as much as the "concern" does. Yes most of the board agrees with me and have even labeled the 20% or so who just naturally shit their drawers all the time as "concern trolls". Now to be sure DU is a much better place now than it has been most of the year when we, being what we are, decided it would be really smart to tear the party in half and have a civil war. But the concern trolls still leave a stain on that board that make it hard to bare.

One of the things I like about the trolls is they show no weakness. Make no mistake should Obama win they Might Might be gone for a day or two no more. And that's because they know how to play their game. They'll be back Wednesday seemingly happy as a 3 year old with shit his drawers running their mouths about God knows what. And that is they way we should be. This thing is not going to get stolen, it's not going to be close and you know what should we be wrong? What's the worst that can happen? John McCain takes over with both houses of Congress stacked against him and he can't get a fucking thing done. Really this is the time to be happy. George W. Bush is done. he's moving on back to Crawford and to baseball. And if America continues to have it's head planted firmly up it's rectum and elects John McCain you know what? he won't be worse than Bush. No matter what this isn't the time to cry, pout, sulk, or worry. I feel damn good about what's going to happen Tuesday. I think we will be getting one of the best Men to come along in our nations history in years to lead us out of this mess that Bush has caused but IF, IF, It's John be it he can't be worse.

One other thing I would like to address. Stop saying you are going to move. First of all it's a stupid statement. the best way to combat Republicans getting elected is for all the Democrats to move? Yeah that makes sense. Of course I said I might move if McCain get's elected and I meant it. I might move to another town in Nebraska or Iowa or South Dakota...but since we are building a front porch on our house now I guess I won't be moving after all. And you won't be either. Shit we got through W we can get through M.

I am firmly convinced that something great is going to happen Tuesday night. Either we are going to elect one of the Greatest men of the last 100 years to the office of the Presidency or we are going to elect John McCain and give him nothing to work with to advance his agenda. Either way life goes on and so does George Bush. Smile laugh take it all in. And like the commercial never let them see you sweat. One way or the other we will be the winners on Tuesday and nobody can stop us.



Count Istvan

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