Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sadly Dennis Miller Is Still On TV

I almost said still alive but that is debatable.

She’s a great dame. People are fascinated by her because the Left hate her. I think the Left hate her — mostly women on the Left hate her — because to me from outside in it appears that she has a great sex life, all right? I think she has non-neurotic sex with that Todd Palin guy. … I think that snow mobile looks like mechanized foreplay to me and that’s why people are fascinated.


theroachman said...

You know what is even sadder then the fact that Dennis Miller is still on TV?

He lives only a couple of blocks away from my parents house !!!

I shiver every time I see him on TV thinking I may run into him when at my parants house.

What do I do? Do I cover my kids eyes so they do not get scared or do I set my dads rather large dog on him so Dennis will run home?

theroachman said...

Oh and ET you best bud lives even closer

Sergei Andropov said...

You may want to add some quotation marks. For a moment I thought you were insulting Dennis Miller's manhood by referring to him as a her, and then alleging that he was having an affair with Todd Palin.

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