Thursday, November 6, 2008

What Stage Of Grief Is This?

Hussein Obsama can't punish the productive with higher taxes just yet; the government can't afford to lose the revenue.

Funny how no libtard can explain that.

But then, the election wasn't about policies and ideas, it was "faith-based". Blind faith.

Hope. Change. Whatever.

Libtards were so sure that the President controlled gasoline prices, but once Hussein Obsama is inaugurated, they're not going to be quite so sure.

Libtards: Deranged haters.


Reasoning with ignorant people is a waste of time. Just keep repeating..."Hope. Change." That works.


Companies are preparing for Hussein Obsama's anti-business philosophy by cutting costs and streamlining operations.


Hussein Obsama plans to make employing people more expensive, with higher medical insurance costs, more productivity-killing unionization, higher Social Security taxes, and possibly other expensive mandates such as paid time off to take care of your goldfish.

When employees become more expensive, business hire fewer workers.

Don't let a little thing like facts get in the way of the know-nothing populism though.


Why don't you get a job as a CEO then? Oops, forgot, Democrat loser.


Thank heavens, SSG still has reasons to "keep hate alive".


And now GE Capital is in line to get money from Uncle Sam. All of a sudden, the long strange trip of MSNBC, way to the political left, starts to take on a certain logic. Sure, MSNBC has taken some hits for its obvious pro-Obama bias, but at the same time, MSNBC has surely made some friends. Maybe, in effect, MSNBC placed a bet on Obama. ... All of a sudden, the "go left" plan starts to look like Machiavellian genius.

I mean, if you were the Obamans, wouldn't you think of MSNBC as your favorite news outfit? And so if you got the chance to shovel some aid their way, wouldn't you consider it? You might. And for their part, the Obamans have already considered it--more than considered it.

You can't reason with ignorant people.
Visitor55 | 11.06.08 - 10:27 pm | #

AAP, richs, hayduke and johnt are prime examples.

No, that racists voted for your boy. Strictly on the fact he was black.

Blacks have always overwhelmingly voted for Dems.


You jerks who follow this site have been sick for more than a week - try YEARS!

Just my opinion.
Brythair | 11.07.08 - 1:41 am | #

Go back to your wine bottle...

How was I destroyed?

I live in a condo in Florida, I draw an Air Force pension along with Social Security, and I am dating a 26-year-old stripper.

I have no anger and I could really care less who was elected.

Eat your heart out. Her dancing name is "Roxxxy"

You are so fucking jealous you v-can't stand it...

You fucking homo quit trying to vent your frustrations here.

Don't you have anything better to do than make an ass of yourself here?

Leave now, you can't keep IT up.

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IwillPLyouifthisisreality said...

Um notice how your name is not in black???

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