Sunday, November 23, 2008

That's all folks: Part 2

So San Diego loses another heartbreak in the closing moments of the 4th Quarter to Indianapolis, 23-20. Here are some opinions/comments I have after watching the Chargers throw away the perfect season to finally win a Vince Lombardi Trophy:

* Somewhere in America, Marty Schottenheimer must laughing his ass off at A.J. Smith. After tonight, Marty has been vindicated.

* Norv Turner, to be blunt, was in way over his head when he took the head coaching job, and again tonight it shows just how unqualified he really is to have been handed the keys. He's the fall-out guy to protect A.J.'s ego-driven ass for scrutiny from the fans. At any rate, Norv's time in SD will be over either this year or next year, if he has another season like he's had.

* A.J. Smith needs to to. It's just too much bullshit with this guy. First, he fires a 14-2 coach because they couldn't get along, then he sends Drew Brees off to New Orleans because of his shoulder injury three seasons ago and finally, he replaces the architect of San Diego's once-great 3-4 scheme with Ted Cottrell.
A.J. I like you. I really do, but its clear that your ego is bringing this team down. In the immortal words of douchebag extraordinaire Donald Trump, "You're fired!"

* Yo, Bill Cower? It's Jonathan. Listen, you think you can come out of retirement and come down to America's Finest City for a job interview, seeing as the chants for Norv's head are growing louder and louder? Please? I like what you did with Rothlesburger, Ward, and Bettis in Steelers Country, and I'd think you'd be perfect for leading this team to a Super Bowl victory. Call me back.

* Will Charger fans stop with this 'let's get rid of LT' nonsense? If we hadn't gotten LaDanian, the Chargers wouldn't be any where near as great as they are (or once was). That and we'd be stuck with Michael Vick, and the Falcons can tell you how that deal turned out for 'em. He's having an off-year, and he still giving his best to the team. Turn your hostilities toward A.J., he's the asshole who deserves most of your frustration and scorn.

* Antonio Cromarte is overrated, while Malcolm Floyd and Jamal Williams will find spots in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

* Ron Rivera for Ted Cottrell looked like the right call. Too bad we couldn't pull the plug on him sooner.

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Anonymous said...

Here are my 2 cents Jonathan take them for what they're worth. When the Chargers tied the game up at 20 Norv Turner should have been calm and trying to get his defense ready to go out and make they plays they had to make. In that situation you needed a calm head coach. What you got was Norv screaming at Phillip Rivers and dropping F-bombs all over the place. If Norv is acting like the team lost in that spot how is his team going to react?

The guy is an offensive coordinator not a head coach. That was a tough loss. You have had too many of those kind of losses this year.

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