Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sore Loser Or: Some Post-Election '08 Humor

Kimberly of Blogs for Victory might want to follow John McCain's -- and even Mark Noonan's -- example of being gracious about accepting that things didn't turn our in your favor.

I believe this election was a non-military coup financed by extreme leftists (Soros, foreigners who donated illegally to his campaign, and the MSM to name a few), aided by massive voter fraud at local and higher levels. The constitution was trampled (MO Truth Squads, Black Panthers intimidation, calls from “O” to jam phone lines when dissenters were on the radio, etc). Gutterball couldn’t pull up his small donor lists? I call bullshit. Donations from foreign sources. No outcry from the MSM. Unregistered voters and illegal aliens voting. Shhh! Don’t tell America! A coup at best, treason at worst. This government is not just liberal, it is illegitimate. Oh and BTW, you liberal idiots just elected a man to the highest office who couldn’t pass a background check to be a secret service agent.

I blame the MSM, Gutterball’s second arm of his campaign, for not doing their job. The fraud was allowed to prance about the country, without releasing his medical records or his college records or his original birth certificate, or explain the missing years of his life. No extensive background was completed on his extremely shady relationships with domestic terrorist William Ayers, criminal Rezco, PLO organizer Khalidi, no tape released showing his utter contempt for Israel.

Barak Hussein Obama will govern our wonderful country the way he governed Chicago. Nation, welcome to the Chicago Way: $4000 a year in taxes for a 1000 sq foot condo in a crappy neighborhood, $80 a year “City Sticker” tax, 10.25% sales tax, and tax dollars funding things like leaving live infants to die after they survive an abortion, just like those in Chicago do for the poor abortion survivors at Christ Hospital.

Wonder what the young Obots will do when the Dems re-enact the draft? Will their brainless heads explode? Will they register in droves for Gutterball’s Selective Service? Will they and others who do not pay taxes wait patiently for their checks from the government, the ones that will never come? Wonder how Liberals will feel when the Dems tax their 401ks? How will Buckley feel when President-elect Gutterball governs to the far-left, just like Buckley “hoped” he wouldn’t? What will happen to our military and military contractors when Gutterball and the Dems cut its funding in half?

So although President-elect Gutterball will become your 1st 50% white, 44% Arab, and 6% black President, he will never be mine. Yes, I will respect the office, but never the man. I will, along with hundreds of thousands of other intelligent people, continue to dive into his past, digging up any and all information we can find, and expose him for what he is - a fraud.


Anonymous said...

Kimberley is taking it hard. I'm sure after she blows js or Jeremiah she will feel all better.

Anonymous said...

08 is taking it hard as well. he's on newshounds right now crying his little eyes out.

Anonymous said...

That's a great read. Right on the money!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimberly. Thank you for stopping the BJ you were giving Mark long enough to bless us with your presence.

et said...

I did drop in and read the homily on the election at Jeremiah's site (not by him personally, it should be noted), though I won't quote it. Lots of inflammatory terminology. And, between the lines, pretty damn mournful.

Am I wrong to grin at that? Just a little?

Sergei Andropov said...

"Barak Hussein Obama will govern our wonderful country the way he governed Chicago."

Now that is what I call a low-information voter.

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