Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Thread #1

Parts of Indiana and Old Kentuck are about to close.

Kentucky is going the first state to get called. No surprise. It's going McCain.

Kentuck is tightning but McCain went ahead in Indiana.

MSNBC gives McNasty: Kentucky Obama Vermont

BREAKING: Obama wins PA and NH!

McCain now must win every single swing state that Bush carried in 04 or else he loses. Period.

Obama wins Minnesota Wisconsin and Michigan as soon as the polls close.

MSNBC Has called Obama for Ohio!!!!

Late Edit: Obama wins New Mexico!!!

John McCain is done.

McCain wins Texas.

Obama wins Iowa!

McCain Wins Utah. He meant to type.

John Murtha Re-Elected.

UPDATE: Fox just called Virgina for Obama!

As Does CNN! We're getting close.

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