Sunday, November 2, 2008

08 And Friends Trolling Until Their Dying Day

WASHINGTON – The government is investigating whether any laws were broken in the disclosure that Barack Obama's aunt was living in the country illegally.
All of obamas cowardly attacks of Fox News/Hannity won't be forgotten. Should be sweeeeeet!
A MASSIVE dose O' hypocricy.
So, you feel the same way about Joe the Plumber? Rhetorical question.

You accused someone else of being on here "all day and night." Uh, that would be you. With proof.

How much crank do you go through, johnt?

No. Just proving you are a liar.

einstein, you're not.....

Back pedal! He's doing 360's now!

You made the claim. Prove I am all of the anon's. Jackass.

There are several anon's on your side, hypocrite.

hypocrite= liberals

Old johnny t is living the dream in retirement isn't he......

Too Funny



Good Grief Man....

You're still on here at 2 in the morning?

How utterly Sad is that eh?


Yeah Skippy, to bad you'll have to work until you're 80.

Longer of the halfer wins!


johnny lives in Ohio champ....


I've never found that liberals possess much in the way of common sense or logic......


Who's obsessed? Who made the original assertion?

So are you drunk or just stupid today sport?


You mean like joe the plumbers personal info? That kind of gov't info?


Good Gawd for the safety of the public I hope that they don't let a braindead idiot like you actually supervise any of the troops

You're a complete Dullard eh?


How do you know we aren't the same person?

And you are claiming that was given out by government employees

Yes, it was.

This clown makes Brittany Spears look smart!

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