Friday, October 17, 2008

Nostradamus Returns

Closer Than You Think?

McCain is back on the rise. All the polls released today had Obama only up from +2 to +5. That is far cry from last week when Obama had a double digit lead.

Imagine if McCain pulls this out, wow, will there be some depressed people on Wednesday the 5th.

We'll have Joe the Plumber to thank.

No wonder the MSM and the Obsama campaign (oops, a little redundant there) are pulling out all the stops to smear the guy, simply for asking a question and having the messiah flub his lines.

Hussein Obsama: Marxist.


Have you ever seen a baldheaded, tax avoiding, deadbeat plumber cause this much sexual excitement in the GOP base?

Hussein Obsama needs one o' them BATTERY-POWERED teleprompters for when he's meeting and greeting the folks in the neighborhood.


Why, you didn't like your work?

Well, you know what they what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.

Too bad you wasted yours humping it so your union massahs could skim off the top and live it up!


LOL at libtards who have no recourse other than to attack someone for asking Hussein Obsama about his tax scheme.

Lil' Barry forgot his lines and wet his pants.


Yep. Make book on it. But if something DOES happen, we'll have Joe the Plumber to thank. That's why the MSM and Obsama are so nervous about him.

And all this doesn't mean I can't call you libtards out for being so, well, libtarded.


And I will be here on November 5th (and 6th, and 7th, etc. etc. you get the idea) to remind you libtards how libtarded you are.


Well...that and I have no friends.

I'd have to give a shit what your opinion is to be jealous.

Life's too short, fool. Especially when I'm having so much fun bitchslapping you and your publicly-educated friends.



But first, he has to have his thugocracy finish off Joe the Plumber.


Damn, that really bothers me!


Hussein Obsama: Totally bitchslapped by Joe the Plumber.




theroachman said...

Hmm...the Trib couldn't cite a single instance where Hussein Obsama did anything of any importance either.

I Own This Site And You | Homepage | 10.17.08 - 11:11 pm | #

But after a 160 years of nothing but Repulican endorsments they choose Senator Obama over the Republican canidate Gov Palin?
theroachman | 10.17.08 - 11:13 pm | #

Um the guy is just dumb

theroachman said...

Newshounds Is My Bitch | Homepage | 10.04.08 - 2:42 pm | #
2088 | 10.02.08 - 12:00 pm | #

And I own is the same as Newshounds and the Chinskee / Rex guy may be him too. Page 5 of the sockpuppet id thread has a mod quote for that. Would need an IP to be sure.

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