Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah Palin Wants You To Vote Democrat

Sarah when they hand you something to wear you may want to look at what it is first. UNLESS she did look at it and doesn't know the symbol for Democrats.


et said...

In the words of Chris Matthews, HA! That is damned funny. Do you suppose she thinks they're just skinny, tiny-eared elephants?

theroachman said...

Well give Gov a break...

They have Woolly Mamoths in Alaska not Elephants.

theroachman said...

Oh and then there is this funny from the link at newshounds to Fox News:

"we're spending time talking about pantsuits "


Gov Palin is an agent of PIAPS!!!

Someone call Ralphy

Anonymous said...

I saw that. I wish somebody other than Ellen would start a new thread :)

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