Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh To Be A Liberal Country Music Fan

There are currently 3830 songs on my ipod. Of those 3830 songs 1292 of them are what itunes considers Country. I think the number in fact is closer to 1500 if not 2000. And yes 2 of those 3830 country songs are by Hank Williams Jr. I am unashamedly A country music fan which somehow has been corrupted and stereotyped a "conservative" music because no talent idiots like Hank Jr, Aaron Tippen, Charlie Daniels, Lee Greenwood and Larry Gatlin whore themselves out to any Republican who will pay their bills for the month. Here's a little truth. None of these guys are selling records and haven't in years. Why do you think they are palling with Sarah? They are as desperate as she is. Seriously do you see anybody who is selling records today with John McCain? Toby Keith won't even touch the bastard.

Be that as it may when people see these has been jokes front and center Country Music and it's fans again get pigeonholed because of the presence of these fools. I know this will probably fall on deaf ears but I will try and say it again. Country music is not conservative. never has been. Are there conservative songs? yes. But I can name you more liberal songs.

Merle Haggard who is probably the Father of conservative country because of his songs Okie From Muskogee and Fighin' Side Of Me ( Merle also recorded more liberal songs at the same time which weren't pushed) backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries and Barack Obama in the general election. George Jones is a democrat so are Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. Johnny cash and his brother Tommy had several records with liberal messages.

Country music is not conservative not liberal. It has it's share of idiots like all things in this world. I wished I could convince some people of this. Oh well I guess theres nothing I can do but crack up some Buck Owens and tell people to vote Democrat.

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