Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Dumbasses Have Arrived

Maybe it was Obama's arrogant attitude that stirred them up?
That would technically work, but "uppity" is racially-tinged and I never considered using it. I guess you do.

"I am the one you and I have been waiting for."

- Obama at DNC Convention

I thought we were talking about Obama.

BTW, he actually said "We are the ones we have been waiting for." (Imperial "we")

"We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. We are the hope of those boys who have little; who've been told that they cannot have what they dream; that they cannot be what they imagine."

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Super Tuesday
Chicago, IL | February 05, 2008

http://www.barackobama.com/2008/ ...ack_obam_46.php

(My bad - it wasn't the convention. But I knew I heard him say that and here it is.)

Check barackobama.com you idiot. See my post above.

And it was televised as "breaking news" all over the world:

http:// www.democraticunderground...dress=385x91306

You always have been and always will be the idiot.

...the "we" with which the Senator Obama begins his sentences is not the solidarity "we", it is the imperial "we".

http://strictlyanecdotal.com/200...eally-i- do.aspx

(There are plenty more references to this habit of Obama, but you find the rest yourself.)

just curious, great job at handing johnt his ass.

You idiots talk in circles. This is too frustrating to try and talk any sense to you.

Especially when jerks like john t and notveryhow (an appropriate name) keep jumping in and showing their stupidity.

Good night. Enjoy the Obama/Reid/Pelosi Marxist government. I am on a fixed income so it wont hurt me.

No proof? Shocker!

It has been my experience for years that john t hands his ass to you to get it handed back.


No proof? Shocker!

But the difference is - I have a WHOLE brain and am able to tell what he meant.

just curious, did you know I was you and you are me? LOL!

See the times, john the liar? Seek help, soon!
I have been accused of being everyone else they don't like - even the famous Johnny$!

They have no clue as to who is who or what is what. That is why they fall for Obama's empty crap...
I've been accused of being, not only J$, but, Mike Savage, Hannity, Rush, Kristol. All, but, the great Bill O'Reilly I think. LOL!
Have you received you GOP paycheck?

They think we are paid to come here and laugh at them.
Good point.
Only an idiot would think Obama is not arrogant.
Oh yes. The newshounds are so HUUUUUUGE that they think anybody that disagrees w/them are paid by Fox News to post here. LOL!
ellen said, "I know who you are and I know who you are connected to!" I asked her to tell me who I was, but, she just deleted everything, instead.

When all else fails, play the race card.

just curious | 10.27.08 - 11:12 pm | #



I got a nice dummy hangin on the side of my house from an noose that kinda resembles obama. Good enough? I figured since a far lefter could hang Palin from the side of his house, I could do the same. Right?

If you really want to get scared about an Obama presidency, watch this:

http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=RV...h? v=RVHBLeqYo60

Louis Farrakhan Calls OBAMA the MESSIAH!

It goes on like this for two threads

These loons idolize farrakhan!

BIG difference. Palin is white; Obama is black. And a noose will hearken back to the days before we were born and reopen old wounds - and they will come looking for us to pay "reparations."
Sorry, that is old news. Get with it.

(He doesn't have to quit the race. He has to be dismissed by a two-thirds vote in the Senate.)

The terrorists learned by endorsing Kerry that it backfired. Now, they are trying to be cute by "endorsing" McCain knowing it will hurt him. Try and keep up.....

I served in the Air Force, including 18 months in combat, for the USA.

What the fuck have you done for your country except push for a socialist president?
What's cold cash up to, these days? LOL! Sandy burglar?
Do you realize how idiotic that statement is? I'm guessing, no.
I told you all that about 4 years ago...
I told you all that about 4 years ago...

And you just have no fucking clue period...
Oh yea. You're the guy who claimed he wasn't voting for obama. LOL!

Threatening me proves it? Ok, then.
You people are too fucking stupid to realize it.

I hope you don't get a chance to, but the younger voters who are so enthralled with Obama's charisma weren't around to live through the Carter debacle - so we are doomed to relive it.


et said...

Oh, please, give my sense of misused dramatic irony a freaking BREAK, trolls, won't you? This crazy-mad spinning to try and turn Obama's "We are the ones we have been waiting for" into some kind of monarchical, Royal "We." It's unsupported by syntax, by context, and by common sense. Yet this is the best they have to run with??

I'm officially throwing a NH inaugural party at my place. Snap decision as of this moment. Pick out your (frugal) celebratory attire and (modest) tipples of choice now, and show up here in Victoria BC on January 20.

We will party as we SHOULD have in January 2000. And most especially for every day onward from 1.20.2009, from which date the world begins to change For The Better.

Anonymous said...

To be fair I made up two of those quotes listed there. Won't say which two. but I bet you can guess.

Anonymous said...

For some reason when I go to click on a NH thread I get...

Error on jskit_threads!

Not sure if it's a haloscan thing or what.

et said...

And, of course, I meant partied *beginning* in 2000 and finishing up in January 2001. Because a NH Party is a fine thing.

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