Monday, October 20, 2008

I Forgot To Add This

One question I forgot to ask in the diatribe below.

When did stupid become a virtue?

We made a President out of a man who couldn't find oil in West Texas because he seemed cool to have a beer with. Now we have a VP nominee who other than being a beauty pageant winner and a weather gal was the mayor of a town with 10 people. And she doesn't know what paper she reads but dammit she reads it. But she's one of us.

Now the latest political "hero" is an unlicensed plumber who doesn't pay his taxes. And the fact that this guy Doesn't want to vote for Obama is a bad thing for Obama?

Seriously. when did we stop demanding better? When did Stupid become a virtue?


et said...

I've asked that a thousand times from Sunday these past years, Count.

When did we stop wanting our kids to have a better education - and life - than we did?

When did stupid become a cardinal virtue?

When did the lowest common denominator become laudable?

I suspect it happened around the time when the barometer of electability settled around the level of "someone you wanted to have a beer with."

And we all know, now, how well that worked out for the nation...

Anonymous said...

I saw some real societal progress from 1950 to 2000. Ups and downs but trending up. After Jan 2001 it seems if a Leader is fundamentally narcissistic and exercising his 'entitlement' plus expresses a folksy contempt for previous gains and a life examined, things just fall apart. No surprise.

BTW, the whole world suffers.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Show interviewed the current mayor of Wassella to get the low down on executive experience gained by the rigorous & grueling schedule. It was like watching teeth being extracted.

Tuesday - Staff Meeting
Thursday - Sign Payslips

That's it, Mon, Wed & Friday seemed to draw a blank - a total blank. Well I'm not surprised, I know a few mayors of towns that small, it's the same - nada...

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