Sunday, October 26, 2008

He And She Trolls

On Ellen's thread, the second thread down, there are "2" trolls (they are the same person) going by Julia and Justin claiming to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Notice they aren't on the top thread which is Melanie's. I swear Ellen is the trolls Moderator and they know it. Anyway... I think I know who Justin and Julia are...

Justin's point about the top 5% paying 50% of the income taxes stands unchallenged. But then, look who he challenged.


Justin actually was being pretty conservative, because as of 2006, the top 5% actually pay more than 60%.



The bottom 50% paid less than 3% in 2006, which of course means that they are parasites sucking the life from the productive.

Libtards: Parasites.


Oh and chinaskee checks in.

If the Bush tax cuts go away middle class taxes will most certainly go up. Everybody,including the middle class,got tax cuts under President Bush so obviously if those cuts are allowed to expired everybody,including the middle class,will get their taxes raised back up again.

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