Thursday, October 23, 2008

Roach Treed Another Moran.

What would you say if Fox News was last in the ratings? It was proof that they are inaccurate?
Flawed question.

The point of this site and others is to point out the many contradictions and spins put out by Fox News. It is not a popularity contest for those who seek the truth.

How is it flawed? Because you can't answer it?

Um I did anwser the question. You need to read the whole post.

No, you didn't answer it because it proves your idiocy and I'm right. If Fox was last in the ratings you jerks would be screaming "It's because they lie and they're inaccurate, bla, bla, bla."

I bolded the anwser you seem to not be able to read.

Must be good beer!

Are you dumb enough to say the fact that Bud sells more beer than anyone means it's bad?

Yer a smart one!

(((Rolls eyes)))

obama hoodwinked you, didn't he?

Rinse Wash and Repeat

Yer a smart one!

(((Rolls eyes)))
theroachman | 10.23.08 - 5:06 pm | #

theroachman, that's 3 diversions in about 15 minutes.

Still do not understand the whole thing about how popularty does not prove value.

Yep. He's an olbyloon!

Busted... Olby

You did a piss-poor job convincing me. Now, I think I'll go grab me a Bud Light!

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