Friday, October 24, 2008

The McCain Temper Runs In The family

John and Joe McCain The Tempremeant To Lead


Dave said...

Short temper or arrogance?

Anonymous said...


I wonder if Joe Trolls on NH. That's the way he acts.

et said...

This made me snort with laughter. Imagine if, say, JOE THE PLUMBER called 911 to bitch about the traffic. He'd be even more a laughingstock than this First Brother In Waiting was.

Methinks he'll be "in waiting" a long time. Hopefully in a massive pile-up on some turnpike somewhere, without the quarters in his car ashtray to pay for the toll.

yakki.psd said...

911: "This is the police,how may we assist you?"

JTP: "Yeah,this aint a immergincy,but I gotta know...why is it that this here monkey wrench turns so good from that direkshun,and aint movin' a'tall from this direkshun? The damn trap on this here sink won't come off."

911: "Sir,did you call 911 to complain about plumbing?"


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