Monday, October 20, 2008

The View From My Ass

Starting These Damn Things is Always Though part.

Whenever I sit down and write this pointless bullshit the first problem that I always have is the opening paragraph. Well that and writing my thoughts in such a manner that they sound the same on paper as they did in my head. Hell I actually wrote my thoughts as I am thinking them that would help. And it wouldn't be all that hard to do. After-all i don't ever have more than 2 or 3 thoughts a day anyway. couple that with the fact that I am a pretty happy camper tonight and this could be a very poor edition of TVFMA. But then when is there a good edition? Anyway this could be two poor editions of TVFMA. My views on the sporting world will comprise part 2.

The Count Is A Fucking Liar.

After swearing that no fucking way, no fucking how, would the Count ever go see Oliver Stone's W. Tomorrow he is going to see Oliver Stone's W. What changed my mind? The previews and the fact that it isn't 4 hours long. I don't know somehow it looks pretty good. I am seeing it a 4:30 so i'll tell you what I thought of it. Maybe i'll wear my "I'm voting for that one shirt".

If The Democrats Ever Figure Out How Politics Work They Could Be Dangerous.

Colin Powell is a piece of shit. Colin Powell is a fucking liar. I can't thing of one redeeming feature about that man. THAT BEING SAID... now is not the time to dwell on any of these points. When I read such threads as fuck "Colin Powell" on DU I just wanted to shake my head at the idiocy of some of these morons who have no clue how to play the game. Colin Powell is a lying piece of shit. I know it, you know it, Bob Dole Knows it, Barack Obama and Joe Biden know it but sometimes of you want to get the prize you have to get in bed with lying pieces of shits. Hell Politics isn't anything but fucking lying pieces of shit and having them fuck you. Most of America regards Colin Powell as a man with integrity, a man whose word is gold an honorable man, a man whose endorsement of Barack Obama is an absolutely huge victory in the fight to get Barack Obama in the White House. Now is not the time to say "fuck" Colin Powell. Now is the time to throw open our arms and thank him for his endorsement. Then hopes he has no plans in an Obama White House. If this sounds like I am saying we need to use this fuax hero only for his endorsement because it means something to most Americans... well.

They're Going to steal it, we're going to lose it. Joe The Plumber is going to kill us. I AM CONCERNED.

Goddamn in hell I thought I was bad before a Nebraska game but the good folks at DU have me beat all to hell. The battered women's syndrome over there is so out control that watching them sitting around waiting to be beaten is damn near comical. Nobody thinks this election is over, nobody is saying elections aren't stolen, but sitting around worrying this thing into the loss column is not the answer folks. Work your ass off, stay vigilant, and bring this thing home. It can be done and will be done if we stop being lilly-livered chickenshits shitting ourselves at every bogeyman. Sam the tax fraud isn't bringing McFilthy and McNasty one single vote except Sam the Tax fraud and even that's debatable. To steal an old advertising slogan...never let them see you sweat. Besides watching the Republicans fight with themselves and act like us for a change is really great fun.

Get Michelle Bachmann On TV More Please.

Michelle Bachmann is the congresswoman from Minnesota's 6th district and she's bat fuck insane. When she was a state senator she hid in the bushes from Homosexual protesters outside of the Minnesota capital so the good folks of Minnesota sent her to Washington DC. She's in a tight race for re-election and last week she went on Hardball and proceeded to call 50% of America Un-American. after her appearance her opponent the unfortunately named Elwin Tinklenberg has raised between $400,000 and $600,000 since the crazy whore from Blaine has been on Hardball.. Let's get this who...err...woman on TV more often, She's gold for the Democratic party.

Michelle Bachmann Crazy Whore from Minnesota. Just as crazy as crazy whore from Wasilla.

I'm Ready For This Shit To End.

November 4th can't get here fast enough. I am so fucking sick of this shit it's not even funny. It goes beyond the Presidential election. I mean McCain Palin's bullshit get's old but like most of America we have other political races to bring us untold levels of complete bullshit. Our Congressman Brainfuckdead Terry Jr. is running against Democrat Jim Esch. and their commercials are basically this...Jim Esch blew a horse. Jim Esch sexually assaulted his daughter, Jim Esch stole from his churches collection plate! vote for brainfuckdead Terry Jr.! and vice-verse. If I didn't think Brainfuckdead Terry Jr. was a human piece of shit I would write somebodies name in. But I have to vote for Esch. I can say 2 good things for Terry. 1. He's not as crazy as Bachmann and 2. He's not as crazy as his Dad Brainfuckdead Terry Sr. Whenever I hear that old son of a bitch on Kaleidoscope I know where his kid got his stupid from.

Braindeadfuck Terry Jr. Congressman from Nebraska's 2nd district and fucking moron.

That OS Dude.

I just want to say one thing about that crazy dude. I hope his sporks are plastic. he shouldn't be handling sharp objects.

Getting worried about Quantum Of Solace.

Though the movie doesn't come out for another week and a half in Europe and not until November 14th in the states I have some fear about this movie and it's not the typical fanboy fear. The early reviews are mixed. That doesn't bother me in the least i think all of the movie critics can go suck my left nut. What bothers me is they may have conceded too much to the fan boys. Listening to the fanboys and their opinions and tweaking the formula for Casino Royale worked perfectly BUT I am worried that EON is now conceding so much to the fan boys that what we may end up with is a movie unrecognizable to James Bond fans. Somethings needed to be changed, the formula needed to be tweaked and they did that with C.S to great success. But now as someone else posted here they may have conceded to the fan boys so much that what we have is another Borne movie with James Bond as the lead character . Hopefully Ms Broccoli and Mr. Wilson keep in mind that the fan boys are a very small part of the movie going audience and they are going to bitch and moan no matter what. I mean go to (one of the best sites and one of the forums with the sanest fan-boys and even there many of them are permanently bitter. .) I mean if David Schofeld is a fan of James Bond I'd hate to hear how he talks about things he hates! Most of the people who are going to go To QOS are Bond fans. We know the formula and we approve of it. If we didn't why would they still be making movies 46 years after the first one was made? Tweak and experiment but don't throw the baby out with the bath water. That is what I fear they are doing. with QOS. That being said I can almost guarantee I will love the movie and think more of it than the fanboys who EON is conceding so much too. Hopefully they will figure out that taking all of the fun out of the movie like they did with Licence To Kill is a huge mistake.

I Shot a Man In Reno Just To Watch Him Die

Columbia legacy has put out a box set to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Concert. Cash actually gave two shows at Folsom Prison a morning show and a afternoon show the original album and was made up mostly of the first and best show with a couple of tracks from the second show. In the new box set both shows are included with the opening acts Carl Perkins and The Statler Brothers. The third disk is a DVD which contains an 75 minute documentary about the show and Johnny Cash's views on prisoners rights. The first show is far and away a better show. The afternoon show Johnny sounds tired and loses his voice several times. Still there is an odd quality to the show none the less that makes it an intriguing listen. Johnny cash knew how to work a prison crowd and Carl Perkins got through his very short set on both shows well but the Statler Brothers a "family" friendly act if ever there was one, sounded as if they were scared shitless. On the first show they only had to do one song and got through it fine but on the second show they did 3 and by the third song they sounded as if they were going to puke. You can almost hear them thinking how fast can we get through Flowers on the wall? The two shows are more of an event than they are great listens. The San Quintin concert a year later is the much better show, still this is essential for Country music fans and better than anything coming out of Nashville today. What isn't? Documentary is also very interesting even if it's not 2 hours and 10 minutes like the box says. (They get that time by factoring the extra scenes you can watch as a bonus)

At Folsom Prison Johnny Cash Legacy Editon **** 1/2 out of *****

Well That's more than enough for part one. Want to send my thoughts and prayers out to Deborah and the ladies of Newshounds. The news today sounded better and I am grateful for that. Hopefully Deborah will make a full recovery and will be back to giving Fox news hell soon.


Count Istvan



et said...

Work your ass off, stay vigilant, and bring this thing home. It can be done...

I expect the full gamut of GOP dirty tricks this time around as well, Count, but my hope is that (a) the Obama margin will be so much stronger than they expected when their shills pre-programmed the voting machines it will throw their algorithm all to hell, and (b) Obama and Biden are not about to roll over and meekly take it, as Kerry did to my deep disappointment, should the likes of another Ohio come to pass.

People are AWAKE this year. That alone is plenty of reason for the GOP to shudder in their wingtips.

Anonymous said...

It's already started in West Virginia

Sergei Andropov said...

"I mean McCain Palin's bullshit get's old but like most of America we have other political races to bring us untold levels of complete bullshit."

A little bit of respite...

Anonymous said...

I love Vermont. I think God lives there. There or some where in the Adirondacks in New York.

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