Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Time To Break Out The Last Thing They've Got...Out And Out Racism

Damn did yall see that motherfucker obama tonight. Shit that fucker is going to win by a god damned mile, I can't wait till I gets my first check. Remember fools, vote early and vote often.
I hope Obama arrested those who speak out against him. We must silence his critics for the good of the country.

Aint no fucking way Obama be locking my ass up. I'm a damn brother, down with whitety and lets be starting to share some of dat god damned wealth already.
What does Obama being black have to do with itg. I support himn because I want to see Progressives in power. I want Republicans roun ded up and arrested. We must remove the Rethugs to achieve Progress in America.

You're an Uncle Tom. You are against Obama, you are a race traitor. You will be detained for being against Obama. How dare you as a Black man not support him . You're a House Negro!

Obama will shut down Fox, I can't wait to see O'Reilly arrested and waterboarded.

I am a Progressive. I am happy that we will soon have total power! We must bann the Republican Party and arrest it's leader. Through Obama's National Youth Corp, we will monitor the trouble makes and get rid of them. This is the only way to achieve Progress.

Mr. Mike,
When Obama wins and is make President for life, Fox will be no more!

Mark Levin is an enemy of Progress. Obama will soon impose the fairness doctrine and have him arrested for treason.

I am for Obama. He stand for Progress!

Yes! And start with the Newshounds and all their retarded liberal followers.

If I was a liberal it would be ok to post as "anonymous" right? Rhetorical question.

Why is it you loons just want to play the name game?

This reminds me of the "osama" caption that was used on msnbc. Not a peep from you loons.

Why have you never asked anyone on your side the ame question? Check the other threads. Several "anonymous" obamabots/newshounds. Go over and ask them, ok? No balls?

Same one.:) Now, go over and scold some of the peeps on your side for posting as "anonymous." There is a bunch of them. Easy to see. They're the ones bobbling thier heads......

You know this, how?

I'll take that as a 'you are just guessing.' I see no evidence.

You claimed you knew exactly what I said, when I said it and how amny times I said it. Didn't you? So did somebody else.

Is there another Dark Power? Should I pick a different name to use?

Are you using one of those old 436's?

I think you should lay off the telemundo, dude. And get a faster pc.

You seem rational. Can you put a leash on the other guy, though? He has issues.

Do you think Obama has it in the bag?

(e.g. Free Republic, Green Footballs, etc...)

I have read them from time to time, but, never posted. Just clicked on links that took me there. They are not on my 'favorites' list or anything like that. Actually, I haven't read green footballs in a long time. No particular reason.

Is Rove really working for McCain? Rove works at Fox. I saw him tonight on O'Reilly. I had the volume down as I was on the phone.

He's given himself away as a troll but since one regular stood up for him he's now playing "straight" to divide the board.

Polls are all hype, to me. Sheer half time entertainment. I'll be glad when it's over, frankly. Things won't change, either way. The more things change, the more they stay the same....

Rove never had an official spot in the Bush administration, other than his campaign, right? What would he do under McCain? He won't run, again. He's too old!

I don't see Palin running again, if they lose. McCain should have picked Ridge. Done deal. Palin was a big gamble. Hillary's base claimed they would vote for McCain when Obama stole the nomination, but, when their wounds healed they went running back to Obama. Well, most of them did.

AAP, does your goat follow you everywhere you go? Why is he here only when you are? Usually 2 minutes apart?

Take it easy. I gotta put the dogs out before bed. Nite.

AAP has a Mexican shadow aka Hayduke, as well. Later.

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Whadda a bunch of idiots.

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