Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dumbfuck Strikes Out Again

There's supposed to be a point to this thread? I know you think Republicans will only eat at 5-star restaurants, so this little news tidbit is probably hard for you to compute.

I bet you that Todd Palin didn't tell the reporters, "Can't I just finish my waffle?"
Thank you Damail you are so right! The Palin's don't live extravagantly! I mean who doesn't wear $150,00 outfits?
Truth is he posts so many I wouldn't get a break and most are fuck you philby and fuck you patsy. Truthfully he's scary.

I mean Damail is just fucking stupid OS is fucking insane.

Yawn. Bill Clinton gets a $200 haircut when he's president, and libbies are going to squall about the RNC giving Gov. Palin a new wardrobe?

She's smoking the strong stuff tonight. You have to give Damail some credit. In one post she complains about the stereotype of rich Republicans and on another thread she defends it.

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