Sunday, October 26, 2008

From The Office Of Dick Cheney

This is a classic post by you know-nothing liberals.

(1) Halliburton received the no-bid contracts during the Clinton administration.

(2) What does "kkk" (as in "amerikKkan") have to do with it? That is Obama's spiritual advisor's term.
The first U.S. Army Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) was awarded in 1992, as the first Bush administration (including then-Secretary of Defense Cheney) was leaving office. Four companies competed, and the winner was Brown & Root, as it was known at the time (Halliburton changed the name to Kellogg Brown & Root after an acquisition in 1998). The multi-year contract was in effect during much of the Clinton administration. During those years, Brown & Root did extensive work for the Army under the LOGCAP contract in Haiti, Somalia, and Bosnia; contract workers built base camps and provided troops with electrical power, food, and other necessities.

In 1997, when LOGCAP was again put up for bid, Halliburton/Brown & Root lost the competition to another contractor, Dyncorp. But the Clinton Defense Department, rather than switch from Halliburton to Dyncorp, elected to award a separate, sole-source contract to Halliburton/Brown & Root to continue its work in the Balkans. According to a later GAO study, the Army made the choice because 1) Brown & Root had already acquired extensive knowledge of how to work in the area; 2) the company "had demonstrated the ability to support the operation"; and 3) changing contractors would have been costly. The Army's sole-source Bosnia contract with Brown & Root lasted until 1999. At that time, the Clinton Defense Department conducted full-scale competitive bidding for a new contract. The winner was . . . Halliburton/Brown & Root. The company continued its work in Bosnia uninterrupted." -- Byron York, NR White House Correspondent, July 9,

For the record, Al Gore's "reinventing-government panel" singled out Halliburton, praising the company for its military logistics work in the Balkans.

Also, for the record, over 40 Halliburton employees have been killed in Iraq.
jc, I'll bet my last dollar that roachman and many other left wing loons here had no idea of the facts you posted at 12:30 am. roachmans post at 12:44 proves the level of his BDS. SEVERE. Everything is Bush's fault. Bush caused Katrina, did you know that, jc?
roach is currently looking for his ass. Oh, look. It's in his hand! LOL!
Yes, in the sick minds of these jerks Bush blew up the levees to kill black people.

Just scrolled up and saw patsy accused Just curious of being me. LOL!

The left wing loons are already laying the platform, in the case obama/acorn win the election, to blame all of obamas pitfalls on Bush.

Even though the fact is that 9/11 was planned on BJ's watch while he was doin' the doughgirl, the blame goes to Bush, according to the loons, because he was in the White House. See where I'm going?

Count Istvan

The first true statement I have seen tonight from the left loonies.

the count has no rebuttal, either. Silenced!

The consistent left wing reply is "it was only a blow job."

Wow. This one needs some SERIOUS professional help.

Stupid nutbag. Halliburton lost and CLINTON GAVE THEM A NO-BID CONTRACT!

Go back and read my post a little more closely...

You're cherry picking and taking it out of context, "gleem." Slow down and read it again.

That's twice, jc! Oh shit! Brilliant minds think alike.

(Just a warning though, Boortzian-blowers ... Facts are likely to shit horribly in your porknbeans... again.)
gleem- M ��secalculation #1,534, | 10.27.08 - 1:19 am

Liberal hypocrisy....

Your posts reflect that you cannot express yourself without childish references such as "trollgas," "stinkfumes," ad nauseum.

And here we have the olbyloon diversion.....

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