Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chargers sack Ted Cottrell

About fucking time as well.

SAN DIEGO (AP)—Norv Turner, of all people, came up with the San Diego Chargers’ hardest hit in weeks when he fired defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell on Tuesday.

Cottrell was sacked by the head coach in large part because his defense couldn't get to opposing quarterbacks, the most glaring shortcoming for a unit that has had little spark since losing star outside linebacker Shawne Merriman to season-ending knee surgery after the first game.

Cottrell was replaced by inside linebackers coach Ron Rivera, a Super Bowl winner with the Chicago Bears in 1985. Rivera will have the bye week to figure out why the Chargers (3-5) have underperformed.

“Probably the things that we have needed to improve in are the same things that affected us in Week Two and so on,” Turner said. “The same things have been an issue throughout the first eight games, at different times.”

Any kind of week-to-week improvement “hasn’t been there,” Turner said. “We’ve been inconsistent and we’ve had the same things happen to us over and over in terms of teams throwing for a lot of yardage early in games, making big plays in the passing game and keeping the football.”

Cottrell was a sorry-ass fucking piece of shit Defensive Coordinator for San Diego, the worst we've ever had, if you ask me. How this asshole ever took Wade Phillip's brilliant, aggressive 3-4 defense and made a group of football payers who couldn't plug up holes against a pee-wee football team is beyond me. Cottrell was to San Diego's Defense as was that former Nebraska coach the Count hated so much.

Adios, fuckface.

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Anonymous said...

This tells me Norv feels the heat. usually this is a move made to save the head mans own ass.

Actually the San Diego and Nebraska situations remind me a lot of each other.

Nebraska had Frank Solich. He was winning but not enough for brass so they brought in a proven failure t coach the team.

San Diego Chargers had Marty Schottenheimer sp? and he was winning but not by enough for the brass so they brought in a proven... I won't say it Jonathan. I hope they turn it around for you.

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