Tuesday, October 28, 2008

08 The Fake Cop Is Back

The furor over the fake McCain victim has passed, One of Gallup's three polls looks better for McCain so the fake cop persona is back. + his new girlfriend Michael.

You mean the same mediamatters that is famous for the General Betrayus ad?
Yep you're correct. MMFA is the one who lied about O'Reilly.

Or this little tidbit:
Media Matters took offense to a Washington Post article that “referred to ‘the high-profile controversy stirred up by Obama’s former pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr.’ without mentioning controversies involving two pastors who endorsed McCain.”

The Washington Post article also ignored Louis Farrakhan who endorsed Obama. If it mentioned religious leaders who endorsed McCain, shouldn’t it also mention religious leaders who endorsed Obama?

Instead, the article didn’t mention endorsements at all; it only mentioned people directly involved with each candidate, and Jeremiah Wright was directly involved with Obama for 20 years.
Yes info, voter fraud has been committed and ACORN has admitted to it. With more democrats in congress than republican they share more of the disapproval. Wise up.

No I jusr abhor, LIES, SMEAR and UNTRUE babbling that are the trademark of this site. If this site were to be less hateful it would be worthy, but all you di is lie and SMEAR like Joe the Plumber and Barbara West.
You mean the same times that got the cation picture and photographer wrong on this story? Sure the NYT is credible and in the pocket of left wingers.

Tell us why you left newshounds for a while. Why did you come back? Need money? Answer a few questions about yourself, Mr. Credible.
The ball's in your court genius.....Show us any credible evidence that voter fraud conspiracy by ACORN or dems has occurred in the manner the repugs are claiming....EVER

try also to realize that the voter registrations were flagged by ACORN themselves genius....
woke | Homepage | 10.28.08 - 6:04 pm | #

It is still fraud to register people to vote more than once. Grow up.

Poor old woke had a breakdown and "Couldn't Take it Anymore"

Another of his multiple Drama Queeen exits....

woke's an old time doper and habitual liar......fits like a glove here eh?

Now i'm not a lawyer but it seems to me that ACORN is being taken to court for voter fraud not well nobody voted fraud. Now tell us your story woke. You like to lie and smear others tell us why you left in a huff from newshounds a while back.
You are a gutless ass. You like to put others out there to skew with smear tactics but not your own sorry ass. Have another toke woke.

Hey old man......You Drunk....Stoned.....Or both today champ?

Really you take lying to a whole 'nother level.....You really have a passion for it don't you sport

Bet that's why your wife had the good sense to leave your tired old ass....couldn't stand your 24/7 lying eh?

People can naswer for themselves here. I'm still waiting for your answer. I pissed on idiots like you in the DMZ.
You're a bit off, Joe wants the LEFT to leave him alone.
No Michael the grunt still waiting for you to tell us why you left here and then crawled back. I'll let you think on it for a while, a few more hits on the bong might shake something loose in your memory.
If you libtards have a problem with the sources FOX News uses sometimes, just go right to the source: Hussein Obsama's own words.

"Spread the wealth around"

Lil' Barry peed his pants right there on Joe The Plumber's lawn.

Joe The Plumber: 1
Hussein Obsama: 0


Hey Grandpa....

Bet you're one of those brain dead obamabots who actually believes it's possible to give 95% of Americans a tax cut when 40% do not pay any federal income tax in the first place

You're a pitiful sheep champ

There you go again woke twisting and lying. I said I pissed on idiots like you. But you can gather yourself and answer my question after your meds.

Yeah.....And you gotta love how it took Hussein 5 minutes to finally admit the truth to Joe's simple question


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