Friday, October 31, 2008

Fearing The Worst Ranger Myze Has Already Turned To Drink

did obama kick the press of the the sirpalne that did not support him while they were in the air or in the ground ...
hey lets ban a couple news stations for asking questions of biden that he don't like . . .

ROFL! The Ranger's Ass Boy Is Here!


Oh How "Liberal" of you champ....

Oh course you think of yourself as one of the "Smart" ones.....

Anyone who dares to voice an opposing point of view just "has" to be wrong eh sport?

Too Funny


and damn it can we get the fairness doctrine in place so we can get rush, sean, neal, laura, mark and michael off the air.

There is nothing worse than having a dissenting opinion to our free speech

did those guys he kicked off the plane do a story about his aunt and uncle ?

He writes about them in his book, profits from there exsistence and he won't spread the wealth around to the people that he USED to make his wealth

This guy can't be for real

True way back in the Day I used to be known as . . .


and to this day it is racists to use my given middle name

at least I can use my park bench address to vote cause ACORN fought for might rights, and gave me a fresh pack of NEWPORTS


08 Answers for Ranger. Why?

I understand your point of view, but ol Ranger Bob disrespected my personal privacy rights by posting my real name and address on here a year or so ago.

Kinda gets a person's attention, eh?

woke | Homepage | 10.31.08 - 5:29 pm |


There You Go Again.....

Lying your ass off again I see

You get some perverse kind of joy out of lying don't you champ

You need mental health care....Seriously eh?


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