Thursday, October 23, 2008

The View From My Ass ( The I Insult Dog Fucker A Lot Edition)

Well Duh!

Now this not a bash Ellen thread so dogfucker if you're reading you can skip this because really I am not going to say anything that you can tell her later when you say your sweet nothins'. This the the title of her latest newshounds thread...

McCain Campaign Echoes FOX News, FOX News Echoes McCain

Again not bashing Ellen here but really do you fucking think? I mean I thought it's been established that the people behind Fox news are the people behind McCain. of course Ellen puts this out in case somebody doesn't know this and tries to educate and that is certainly fair enough. But if you don't know this you aren't watching Fox and if you're watching Fox and still claim this isn't true...well you're dogfucker.

How Fucking Nuts Do You Have To Be To Be Too Fucking Nuts For The GOP?

The same fine political party that has financed Tom Delay, Strom Thurman, Jesse Helms, Trent Lott, that one crazy circus freak from Orange County whose name escapes me and continues to finance Steve King and Dana Rohrabacher has decided that Minnesota's Michelle Bachmann is too fucking nuts and pulled her advertising budget. Think about this. The same party that counts Dogfucker and Ralph has it's base has said to Ms Bachmann... you are too fucking nuts for us! It really makes you ask How fucking nuts is this woman?

Is Sarah Really Attractive?

Ask Dogfucker as soon as he gets done masturbating all over everything and anything. My initial answer to this was yes she is attractive sucker for brunettes that I are, but then she opened her mouth. The total woman is horribly ugly that it doesn't matter how physically attractive she is. She's just an ugly, ugly UGLY woman. Case Closed.

The Only Thing The Polls Are Doing Is Growing And Shrinking Dog Fuckers pole.

Tonight the AP put out a poll claiming Obama was up by 1% even though in the total poll they had Obama up by 5 points. Since that didn't make much news they decided to headline it with the results if a portion of their pull and call it an even race. Of course good old Dogfucker saw the poll and masturbated all over Newshounds with it tonight. Well sorry to kill your stiffy bud but Zogby released his latest poll and Obama 52.2%, McCain 40.3%

Ad that to gallup that has Obama up 9, CNN up 9, Fox up 9, Pew Research, 14 CBS up 13, WaPo/ABC up 11 hell even the Rassmusen/McCain poll is Obama by 6. Sorry Dogfucker. I know how hard you work to get your little 2 inch penis to a 3 inch penis with those fake AP poll numbers.

Sarah Palin Is A Phony Fuck Liar

How is that for an Ellen worthy headline? The GOP spent $150,000 on McNasty and her family even as she claims to be a Joe 6 Pack everyday hockey Mom. ( is she a Tranny as well?) Really is this a story? Are we shocked? The woman is a bald face fucking liar and fucking lying piece of shit. Really who supports her at this point? How sexually frustrated would you have to be to be a fan of Sarah Palin?

Any questions?

Proud To Be An American!

When do you know the Republican's are fucked? When they trot out Lee Greenwood. Seriously does that fucker work unless there is a national disaster or a Republican campaign to be ran? Ok one of those always leads to the other I know. And of course not only was Lee Greenwood standing their next to Ms Sarah looking as truly fucking stupid as only Lee Greenwood could look but he was wearing shirt made from The American flag. I love conservatives. half the time they piss and moan about the desecration of the American flag and the other half of the time they are sewing it in to every piece of clothing that they own. A piece of advice to Lee. better not stand much closer to Sarah or you'll have Dogfucker to pay.

Keith Olbermann Makes Me Stand Up For McFilthy.

On countdown tonight KO played a clip of McCain saying he agrees with Obama's people that the people of Western PA are truly awful and I thought that was pretty funny.

OK that was pretty funny. And By the way does Cindy just stand behind him and shake her head no matter what stupid fuck thing he says? I swear he could call her a fucking cunt and she would stand there smiling with her head bobbing up and down. I know that's true...he's done it. It's almost like Cindy is over medicated. Just saying. Anyway then KO talked about how in 1996 Bob Dole called the L.A. Dodgers the Brooklyn Dodgers. Now they have been the L.A. Dodgers my entire life and I still call them the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Colts left Baltimore for Indianapolis in 1984 and My dad until his dying day called them the Baltimore Colts. He also Commonly referred to Canada as England long after 1982 and England was 2 or 3 names ago for the UK. The point is people of a certain age get used to saying something sometimes they don't change.

but then KO called out McCain for calling the Tampa Bay baseball team the Devil Rays and they changed their name to just the Rays last year and said everybody would know this. I didn't. I still call them the Devil Rays. So McNasty get's some slack for me on this one. but then I don't like Baseball and don't pretend to for votes.

Oh by the way

Philies 3 Rays 2 in game one of the World Series



Count Istvan.


Sergei Andropov said...

"Really who supports her at this point?"

From the Borowitz Report:

"Gov. Palin's latest attacks came on the heels of a new poll showing that the only demographic group that still support her are morons, sometimes referred to by political insiders as 'no-information voters.'

"'It may sound like she spouting idiocy, but there's a method to her madness," said Tracy Klugian, a Republican strategist. 'She's speaking to her base.'"

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