Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Richard Dreyfuss Wasn't Thrilled with Stone Calls W. 6/8 Of A Great Movie

Credit Huffington Post

Richard Dreyfuss appeared on "The View" to publicize "W.," in which he plays Dick Cheney, but ended up criticizing the film and director Oliver Stone instead.

When asked why he made the film, he said he did it for "money." Dreyfuss also said, "I think it's 6/8ths of a great film."

Asked how it was to work with Oliver Stone, he said "imagine working for Sean Hannity... you can be a fascist, even when you're on the left."

He also said he isn't sure the film "will have any historical legs."

If you go and watch the clip I agree with most everything he said except I thought it 3/8 of a great film. The film was far to sympathetic and there was no conclusion. But what I like about the clip is Dreyfus was asked about how it was like working for Oliver stone and he said "imagine working for Sean Hannity." To which Elizabeth Whoreselleck replied "I'd like that"

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