Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sam The Tax Fraud Sounds Like A Real Winner

I am not allowed to comment on Ellen's threads so I'll post this here

This guy sounds like a real douche bag. Is he not voting for Obama because he thinks his taxes will get raised or is he not voting for Obama because Obama will lower his taxes which somehow he thinks is other people's money going to him.? Notice how he parrots whatever the rightwing talking point happens to be at the time. Come on McCain if your going to get a plant get one with an IQ over 25.

By the way Sam the tax fraud admits he lived in Alaska. You don't suppose he and Sarah...naw!


vermontdave said...

Hey Count!
Good to see you back on the mains.


Anonymous said...

Why do you even bother to put up such idiotic bullshit, stick to what you're best at, sucking cock.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sam for taking the time to post on our blog.

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