Friday, October 24, 2008

Olby Loon Is Back

Accusing everybody of being a sock-puppet.

Nice to hear obama just left his grandmother to die. I really hope she makes it past election day and even beyond, though. Glad to hear of Debs progress, as well.


et said...

just left his grandmother to die

FUCK this arrogant, stupid troll. There, I said it.

I couldn't be at my mother's bedside when she passed a few weeks ago. Don't think I won't carry that sorrow with me until it's my own time. Don't think that my carrying on with life, in its broad and tiny brushstrokes alike, doesn't honor her memory.

I have zero respect for anybody who will treat another human being so callously in the impending shadow of, or in the wake of, such a loss.

FUCK this stupid troll to the utmost depths of whatever hell he believes in, for his inhumanity to his fellow man.

yakki.psd said...

You won't get an answer out of that stupid sonofabitch. I'm atually onvinced he's brain damaged from sitting in his easy chair sniffing his own ass.

I mean,if there a dumber asshole to ever troll newshounds? Well,maybe Gdog,but still....

et said...

I don't expect an answer from him, Yakki. But I want my heartfelt FUCK YOU to follow his sorry ass from this day forward, poking him like a dagger in his ribs every time s personal loss sucker-punches him, reminding him of his complete asshattery. Because he deserves it for his utter lack of compassion toward anyone else.

et said...

Of course, I meant "A" personal loss.

Fuck him, anyway.

yakki.psd said...

I was talking about Cont getting an answer.

But you're definetly right.

Fuck that wormy shitstain in a rolling donut.

My,that felt liberating! lol. I think I need to find a way to work that in a post on NH's to dear Jeffrey.

et said...

I wasn't ranting at YOU, Yakki, for a moment. It's these freaking trolls who can't for the life of them empathize with another person's grief or loss.

Fuck 'em.

theroachman said...

I feel your pain ET

I have stopped debating with him for the most part. The troll changes socks rather often so there will be slip ups.

I only mock him now.

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