Sunday, October 26, 2008

As If The 49ers Didn't Suck Enough

Jonathan you might find this funny

San Francisco 49ers interested in Condoleezza Rice

According to TP:

NFL Network’s Adam Schefter reported on NFL GameDay that the San Francisco 49ers want to talk to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about a high-level position within the organization — perhaps president. Schefter said “a lot of people feel she could be very instrumental in procuring a new stadium” for the 49ers. Rice has not been coy about expressing her deep interest in working in the National Football League. She has said she wants to be NFL Commissioner, but she added, “I’ve decided that it would be all right to run a team, as well.” When former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue stepped down in 2006, Rice passed on the position, explaining, “Unfortunately, it came open at the wrong time.”

Fred is excited about it:

Fred Says:

Why is it such a surprise to you lefties that someone with the grace and skills of Condoleza Rice would be able to manage anything as simple as a football team.

She has brougt peace to the middle east. She helped israel get the arabs to quit fighting. She was instrumental in bringing democracy to Egypt and iraq.

She coulod fix Iran if you guys would just give her a chance.

No I didn't not change any of the spelling.

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